"The Birth of the Son of God", digital print by R Gopakumar, Bahrain. Poem by Carole Jacobs, U.K.

(Copyright R Gopakumar)
(Copyright R Gopakumar)

Lullaby at Bethlem


You have come at last,

-rest in the hay-

The pain was of wanting you,

Now you must stay.


Your eyes like dark pools,

-rest in the hay-

See me think how to keep you,

so you must stay.


Your fingers are searching,

-rest in the hay-

For my hand that will hold you

Safe for your stay.


The pulse in your scalp,

-rest in the hay-

Beats out a signal for us

That you’ll stay.


Your lips’ grip on my breast,

-rest in the hay-

Tightens my heart round

Your shape. Oh stay.


I will never leave you

-rest in the hay-

I’ll bind myself to each minute,

Cradle your stay.



Luke 2 Verse 19

But Mary treasured up all these things


Carole Jacobs, Broniwan, Wales


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