"The Potter" poem by NABIL NAOUM, Paris. "Anthology of Love" Fine Art Photo by ADEL GORGY, New York

"Anthology of Love" by Adel Gorgy
"Anthology of Love" by Adel Gorgy



"Cross-Cultural Communications Art & Poetry Series Broadside"



The Potter



When he gave it to me

My image in porcelain,

He was a blind potter.

He touched my figure

Inch by inch

He illustrated

He realised the impossible



I travelled to China to find him again

On the way I was broken into two

One part, feet with stomach and so

The other, head and so


Mountains and cities

I crossed

Finding him was my hope

Once again

I hoped


In a field in sepia colour

He was next to me


“You died, my image

However, I shall bring you back

To celebrate being alive again"


“Praise the breath you take”

He said and spat

On my divided, he spat

The two halves he put together



The master potter

Gave me another chance


I am careful now.



--Nabil Naoum




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