"Flower Moon" poem by LEWIS TURCO, U.S.A. - Fine Art Photo by ADEL GORGY, U.S.A.

(Copyright Adel Gorgy)
(Copyright Adel Gorgy)

Link: http://www.adelgorgy.com/



Flower Moon


The sun blossoms in the sky,

         and the woodsflowers blossom.

                  Herbs bloom in the gardens.


All day light falls

         until shadows fall

                  with the failing west.


Then a yellow flare

         fires the clouds over the lake,

                  sets the waves afire.


Upon the shore the boats lie

         among the voices of children

                  skipping stones over the water;


the moon skims

         into the east

                  washing silver into the wood,


shadow into the stone —

         and, beyond, the pike flash

                  under the lip of shadow.


Lewis Turco


Link: http://www.lewisturco.net/


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