"Here We Walked", Fine Art Photo by ADEL GORGY, N.Y. Poem by LIDIA CHIARELLI, Italy

"Here We Walked" - copyright ADEL GORGY
"Here We Walked" - copyright ADEL GORGY

Group show at Altered Esthetics Gallery in Minneapolis:


I am delighted to enclose my photograph, Here We Walked, for the Collecting Evidence exhibition.  Instead of an artist’s statement for this piece, I am sending a poem titled JONES BEACH, SUMMER AFTERNOON by the renowned Italian poet, Lidia Chiarelli from Torino, Italy.  Lidia is the director and one of the founders of Immagine&Poesia, an international art and literary movement which publishes and exhibits collaborative work of artists and poets.  My photograph, Here We Walked was made as a collaborative response to Lidia Chiarelli’s poem. 

Immagine&Poesia was begun five years ago and now has attracted artists and poets from more than 52 countries all over the world.  I am the US Representative of Immagine&Poesia, and I have included examples of these collaborative efforts in my solo exhibitions.  I am proud to have made collaborations of poems and my artworks with several well known poets including Aeronwy Thomas (the daughter of Dylan Thomas), Lidia Chiarelli, Peter Thabit Jones, Stanley H. Barkan, Carolyn Mary Kleefeld and Lawrence Ferlinghetti, among others.  Over 50 of these collaborations have been published as a broadside series by Cross-Cultural Communications.  


Adel Gorgy


Link: http://www.adelgorgy.com/




Jones’ Beach, summer afternoon 


“We were together. I forget the rest.”

Walt Whitman


The seagulls invented

spirals of light

in the sunny afternoon at Jones’Beach.


                           Gentle, the Atlantic wind

                           rippled the pearl water.


We have  breathed

the salty tang of the sea

- our eyes lost in  the far horizon.


On the impalpable sand

sudden dreams of happiness

have touched us



Lidia Chiarelli

(To Adel, Mary and Marsha

Long Island - July 27, 2010)

Cross-Cultural Communications Broadside 



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