"Drum" poem by AERONWY THOMAS, UK. "Ulicni sviraci = Street musicians", painting by KATARINA RADENKOVIC, Serbia

(copyright Katarina Radenkovic)
(copyright Katarina Radenkovic)

Link:    http://www.katarinar.com/ArtSpace.aspx                   




                                               I played the tin whistle for him

                                                 played the flute

                                                 played the violin

                                                 played the violoncello

                                                             the organ

                                                             the saxophone

                                                             the trumpet

                                                             and trombone

                                               he looked my way

                                               and seeing me

                                               looked away again.

                                               He only answers to the drum…                                                  ter tum.



                                               AERONWY  THOMAS


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