"Garden in May" poem by Lidia Chiarelli, Italy. "Kali Yuga" (The Strife Era), digital art by R Gopakumar, India

(copyright R  Gopakumar)
(copyright R Gopakumar)

Link:  http://www.gopakumarartgallery.com/


                   Garden in May



My tears are like the quiet drift

Of petals from some magic roses ...

Dylan Thomas


We will  walk again

in the May garden


(at a late time of the day)


and will breathe

the scent of the roses


(embracing and strong).


The tired petals

on the stones of the path

will form

the drawing of this uncertain time

that the wind will continue to break down

in a ruthless game.


It will be the time


even the swallows


 (in rapid elliptic flights

in the  pearl sky)


                         come and play again


                             of their fate.


Lidia Chiarelli


Link: http://lidiachiarelli.jimdo.com/



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    Mia Barkan Clarke (domenica, 20 gennaio 2013 16:03)

    I love the rich imagery drawn from nature... Beautiful Lidia! Veramente Bella