"My Friends" poem by Kristine Doll, Salem, U.S.A. "Traces of Pollock # 9", fine art photo by Adel Gorgy, Long Island (N.Y.)

(copyright Adel Gorgy)
(copyright Adel Gorgy)

Cross-Cultural Communications Art & Poetry Series


Broadside #55


Kristine Doll's poem is a touching, evocative and moving tribute to poetry and poets, the spirit that moves them and creative force that is as persistent and powerful as Dylan Thomas' "force that through the green fuse drives the flower."


Adel Gorgy


Link: http://adelgorgy.com/




My Friends


My friends are poets.

Breathing duende into souls,

setting lives on fire.

They stay up long past bed-time

translating the wondrous.


Do they never sleep?

I hear them chiseling words,

smell them in my sheets,

taste them in meals of dark birds.

And when they leave –

                                      such silence.


Kristine Doll
Professor - Ph.D., Hispanic Studies, 

Salem State University




Link: http://www.lrc.salemstate.edu/doll/index.htm


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