"Stars" poem by Peter Thabit Jones, UK. Painting by Gianpiero Actis, Italy

(copyright Gianpiero Actis)
(copyright Gianpiero Actis)


(Poem by Peter Thabit Jones, U.K.

Painting by Gianpiero Actis, Italy)





(in memory of Terry Hetherington, Welsh poet)


Stars shine,
flowers of broken glass
on the mind’s black carpet.


The prayers of gods
romantic notes


written by time’s
slow burning.
They snag


the deadened eyes
of the loneliest
of men.


The night’s burrs,
frosted codes
of the earth-palaced


kings of Egypt,
how they scratch
the stares of silence,


wound like fine dust
the emptied-out soul,
the universe of being.


Snow cobwebs
of shining thoughts,


with eternity,
unfinished elegy
on the page of the sky.


Peter Thabit Jones © 2010


Published in WHISPERS OF THE SOUL by Peter Thabit Jones and Vince Clemente (Bilingual: English/Romanian), 2008

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