"Elegy...after Rodin Burgers of Calais" fine art photo by Adel Gorgy, NY - "Elegy for Bear" poem by Kristine Doll, Salem

(copyright Adel Gorgy)
(copyright Adel Gorgy)


Cross-Cultural Communications Art & Poetry Series Broadside




Elegy for Bear #56


Ursula major,

Queen of Minnesotan woods,

drowsy from the weight

of age and honey-drenched dreams,

you lie down in sun-dappled grass


sheltered by blue pines.

Huron nation calls you wise,

The Zuni, healer.

Stars guide your way through big skies.

The Great Spirit has called you home



—Kristine Doll/2013 

Professor - Ph.D., Hispanic Studies

Salem State University


Link: http://www.lrc.salemstate.edu/doll/index.htm 



From Kristine Doll:


 "Adel Gorgy's art heightens the emotion in each poem and truly beautifies the lyric.  In my opinion, he forges a direct link to divinity.  Your website makes all of this accessible to so many - a real kinship between beauty and humankind.  Thank you for everything that you do for so many!"





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