"Snow in the Old City of Jerusalem" - "How Cold is Cold ?" painting and poem by Helen Bar-Lev, Israel

(copyright Helen Bar-Lev)
(copyright Helen Bar-Lev)

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How Cold is Cold?


Cold is when the floor tiles

freeze your toes


when you get into bed

and the only part of your

head exposed is your nose


when a fur coat and hood

and lined boots,

gloves and earmuffs

can’t warm you enough


when the central heating

is on high and you’re still freezing

and when the down comforter

feels like a flimsy summer sheet


when your mouth speaks vapour

and your dreams are full of

abominable snowmen chasing you

and icicles that grip like tentacles


this is the weather around the Mediterranean

where temperatures rarely go below zero

but our body thermometers

are so well adjusted to the swelter of summer,

that winter has turned into a icy torturer



© 3.2012 Helen Bar-Lev

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