"Lovers of Lake Como" - "Timeless Lovers" - painting and poem by Carolyn Mary Kleefeld, Big Sur California

copyright Carolyn Mary Kleefeld, USA
copyright Carolyn Mary Kleefeld, USA

Timeless Lovers

(for DC)


Tangled in

the crimson threads of passion,

we imbibe the palatial splendor

of another time

as we sleep beneath

a golden chandelier of dreams.


From our high-beamed chambers,

through the tall windows

of our love-nest

we can see Lake Como

whipped into a turbulent fugue

by raging winds that howl.


In the eve of dawn

I discover you,

like a god from

the lyrical legends,

writing a love letter–

or did it write you?


Captivated, we are woven

into the magic of the music

Liszt composed here,

so long ago.


Arising now from

our tangle of crimson threads,

we waltz down

the sky-high halls

of the hotel’s grandeur,

holding hands with

the lovers of all time.



Carolyn Mary Kleefeld


(courtesy of the author)


LINK: http://www.carolynmarykleefeld.com/



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