"Swatantra Sonnet - 77" by Hassanal Abdullah, USA - "Love Birds" painting by Lalit Jain, India


Swatantra Sonnet - 77

I've heard the noble sound of your footsteps, my love.
Come, come closer, and open your heart. Spread
The fragrance of your lovely breasts. Let the door
Be closed. Embrace me with your gentle hands,
And set your sweet lips on mine. Smile my love.
Keep crawling through my body to find my heart
That is as vivid as the ocean, trembling in ecstasy.

Take off the boutique sari and raise both hands
To untie your hair, and blow on me like petals
Of roses. Without you I am lonely, engulfed
By the dark. Implant the eternal light in me.
Don't bother yourself to make the bed tonight,
Rather sooth the warmth of my tense, tropical body
Spreading the purity of your own on it.



Hassanal Abdullah

Translated from Bengali by the poet