Broadside # 76 - Cross-Cultural Communications NY

"Modris, Keats and Her after Matisse (Woman in Blue)" Fine Art Photo by Adel Gorgy. "Modris" Poem by Peter Thabit Jones 

Credit: Cross-Cultural Communications Art & Poetry Series Broadsides # 76





Modris sits on the warm doorstep,
Wearing a pullover knitted
By his blind sister.
He grins at fresh girls clip-clopping
In high, platform shoes
Down the sun-blurred street;
Tut-tuts at the old Indian
Doctor's sons playing
Football against a garage door;
Accepts homemade cake
From the young wife across the road;
Gives children hot mints;
Asks me about Keats.
Goes in about ten in the night.

I live three houses away.
Midnight, I can hear him coughing.

Peter Thabit Jones © 2015



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