I Dream in Euphemisms: Making a Number 1 and a Number 2 - by Neal Whitman USA


I Dream in Euphemisms: 

Making a Number 1 and a Number 2 *

Number 1.
on my bed stand
I keep a pencil and pad
I wake once to pee
in the morning I read these words: 
sea turtles dream they can fly 
Number 2.
last night I dreamed
under my paper shredder 
was an outhouse pit
the remains of my poems 
were covered by lime and lye 
Before indoor restrooms were common in schools, children would signal to be excused to use the outdoor restroom (called an "outhouse") by raising either one finger or two fingers. The teacher then excused the child but expected him or her to return quickly if only one finger had been raised. Naturally, two fingers would mean the teacher could expect the child to be delayed longer. These euphemisms remain in use today in many schools and homes.



 In 2005, Neal Whitman, Ed. D., Professor Emeritus at the University of Utah School of Medicine, began to write poetry in transition into retirement in 2008. His poems are published in many journals and anthologies and have won several many awards including 1st prize in the 2016 Bay Area (San Francisco) Poets Coalition Maggie H. Meyer Memorial Contest.  Neal is the haiku editor for Pulse: Voices from the Heart of Medicine.

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