#DYLANDAY 2018: exhibition in Torino, Italy

Location: Binaria Book, via Sestrière 34 Torino 


From May 7 to May 15 2018

Artists: Gianpiero Actis, Lidia Chiarelli, Claudio Chiabotti

Gianpiero Actis:

"Dylan Thomas in a garden of clouds"

"The threepointed star" (from: In the Beginning)

Gianpiero Actis: "A Winter's Tale"

Gianpiero Actis: "In the Beginning"

Lidia Chiarelli: "Dylan, light your fire"

Gianpiero Actis "Dylan Thomas in a garden of clouds" (from Peter Thabit Jones' poem)

Claudio Chiabotti: "... with the Pillars of Creation for background"

Claudio Chiabotti: "And Death shall have no dominion"

Claudio Chiabotti: "The Door" from Aeronwy Thomas' poem