Gogyoshi is a poem written in five lines.

Writing a poem in five lines is its only rule. The content of gogyohshi is free, its themes are chosen by the poet. There are other five-line poetries in the world, for example, gogyohka, tanka, cinquain, and limerick. These poetries have certain rules such as number of permitted syllables, line lengths, and rhyme. Gogyohshi has no such rules. It is the freest form of five-line poetry in the world.




Taro Aizu (Japan)  has been writing  haiku for 20 years  and gogyoshi (five-line poetry) for 12 years featuring common scenes from the four respective seasons in Fukushima. He focuses on the rural landscape and people’s feelings for the land they inherited from their ancestors. His works are translated into different languages.

Gloria Keh (Singapore).

Gloria Keh began serious study in mandala art and symbolism in 1996 in Melbourne.

Her teacher, Georgina Fode of the Theosophical Society, played an important role in her development as an artist. She also undertook a short study course in art therapy.


Says Gloria:  “ Painting provides me with a form of meditation, and I find inner peace and healing through my art.” https://www.gloriakeh.com/

Gogyoshi by Taro Aizu - Artwork by Gloria Keh

World Art Day 2018 by Gloria Keh

Gogyoshi and Artwork by Gloria Keh


You do not win
because you are bigger,
you do not win
because you are better,
you win because of Heart.


Gloria Keh, Singapore