Poetry & Music in abstract


Poetry & Music in abstract: Emanuel Kaja's exhibition in Worthing (U.K.) - October 2012


Emanuel Kaja finished MA Fine Art on University of Brighton in 2010. He focuses on painting, art installations, performance and spatial forms. He organized several solo and group exhibitions and has recently joined a new art trend ‘Immagine & Poesia’, started in Italy in 2007.This exhibition centres primarily on highlighting the deepest illusion of space. Kaja eliminates redundant real forms by using the language of abstraction. Through colour, texture and glaze, he invites the viewers to their own interpretations. Colour takes on emotional significance and, like poetry, carries sublime aesthetics. The verticals which appear on canvas translate the language of music and describe the transcendental and spiritual nature of the work.
The image stands as an explicit reflection of the state of imagination in the given moment. It becomes an internal landscape, a psychological setting for the spirit, in which the act of creation becomes an experience of freedom, an affirmation of the present.

Exhibition open in ‘St. Paul’s Church’, Chapel road, Worthing, BN11 1EE from 1.10. – 29.10.2012