"Snow Moon" poem by LEWIS TURCO, U.S.A. "Cool Moon" painting by LALIT JAIN, India

(copyright Lalit Jain)
(copyright Lalit Jain)

Link: http://www.lalitkjain.com/





Wind calls over the lake;

      snow rises to the voice of air

            falling and falling.


The deer circle and fold

      among the oaks of the forest,

            their eyes shining in the moon.


There is nothing but sifting

      among the maples

            and the sharp echo of a branch breaking.


The otchock is in its lair

      sleeping and listening in its sleep

            to hear if a shadow should fall above


or if a footfall should drift

      into its dream of roots

            fading into the wood —


but the men are in their villages

      dreaming themselves awake

                hearing the wind cry and the snow fall




From: "Twelve Moons" series


Link: http://www.lewisturco.net/


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