Immagine & Poesia



November 9 2007








  1. CULTURE –through POETRY and ART- must be food for the spirit of the new generations
  2. Poetry and figurative art lead to moments of CROSS FERTILIZATION
  3. Each form of expression can inspire others: our aim is their INTEGRATION
  4. From the integration of   POETRY and FIGURATIVE ART, reciprocally encouraged, a NEW RICH AND COMPLETE FORM OF ART can originate
  5. The Movement is open to artists and writers coming from different geographical areas and cultural backgrounds
  6. The INTER-ACTION of these artists and writers can improve the understanding and the respect of the others
  7. We are in favour of a collaboration which can take place via TRADITIONAL MEDIA or via the INTERNET
  8. NEW TECHNOLOGIES will be preferred in the exchange of creative ideas
  9. We want to fight apathy, banality, superficiality and to support activity, imagination, originality and research
  10. The Movement is open to further developments and links with other disciplines and art forms.


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