Partnership 2021

International Writers Journal, USA

Our mission will be to seek out for publication new and existing writers from around the globe and to publish them in a public forum for all readers. We shall also offer literary translation services. We look forward to continued cooperation with our current contributors as well as new faces whom we shall be glad to meet in the future. You can send your texts to the following e-mail address: Please join us in our new journey through the world of international culture, visual arts, and literature. We shall keep in a permanent contact with you and we shall update you as our project progresses. Thank you and keep writing.

ACC Shanghai Huifeng Literature


ACC Shanghai Huifeng Literature


ACC Shanghai Huifeng Literature was founded by the poet and cultural promoter Anna Keiko in March 2016. It is a comprehensive platform, publishing international poetry, prose, novel and drama, as well as literary and poetry critics.

ACC Shanghai Huifeng Literature cooperates with the Spanish cultural foundation ITHACA. Anna Keiko is Chinese director and sole representative of the Chinese ITHACA foundation, publishing weekly poetry from all over the world.

We hope that cultural organizations from other countries will join our endeavor to build a favorable platform for the promotion of international poetry and culture.

ACC Shanghai HSBC literature

General counsellor for literature: Germain Droogenbroodt (Belgium)
Translation consultant: GUI qingyang
President: Anna Keiko



Hispanic Cultural Foundation ITHACA


Shanghai Huifeng Literary Association  






 Major members of ACC Shanghai huifeng literature international

General counsellor for literature: Germain Droogenbroodt (Belgium)

Art adviser: Lidia Chiarelli (Italy)

Literary consultant: Richard m. Grove

Translation consultant: GUI qingyang

President: Anna Keiko

E-mail- 13817061426 @

Partnership 2019

World Poetry Quarterly

 This journal is the only quarterly for the purely modern poems published in the multilingual languages such as Chinese, English, French, German, Russian, Spanish, Japanese, Greek and the contributor’s mother tongue, circulated in over 190 countries. It is a joint journal for members of World Congress of Poets (WCP) , The International Poetry Translation and Research Centre (IPTRC), International Writers and Artists Association (IWA) and International Society of Greek Writers & Arts (ISGWA).

Partnership 2017

Poetic Bridge -  AMA-HASHI 詩的な橋


The “AMA-HASHI,” which appears in Manyoshu, the oldest existing collection of Japanese poetry, is a  bridge that reaches heaven. In Greek mythology, Uranus, god of the sky was an ancestor of the Greek gods.
Yes, it seems one can trace an aspiration of mind towards heaven both at the root of the Occidental and the Oriental culture.
In our AMA-HASHI we would like to publish international poetry which possesses the noble and thoughtful quality needed for rising step by step from the earthly web of joys and sorrows to heaven.
Here “universal poets” mentioned in the name JUNPA are those poets who seek to overcome their different liguistic, racial and historical backgrounds, who believe in the immortality of languages, and who wish to restore the humanity. To present poems aspiring the universal, written for people all over the world—this is the editorial philosophy we have in mind.
May many sensitive poets cross the bridge here.
Germain Droogenbroodt
Arima Takashi


Partnership 2016

               VIETNAM:  Poetry Journal In Print.Bao Giay


The new Poetry Journal In Print.Bao Giay is being developed by volunteers in both the US and Vietnam.  Please, feel free to share our poetry journal with others, especially with other poets.


Contact: Duc Le <>

Partnerships 2015

Point Editions, Belgium

July 2015 - Announcing the partnership of POINT EDITIONS and IMMAGINE & POESIA


Point was founded in Belgium by the Flemish poet  Germain Droogenbroodt  with the idea of realising "a human, international conversation, between all people by means of translating and publishing poetry". Most POINT publications are anthologies, focusing the poetry from one country. This consists of an introduction into the poetry evolution of the selected country, a short bio-bibliography and 3-4 poems per poet, generally in the original language and in Dutch translation. Moreover the cover is always a reproduction in full colour of a work of art by a famous painter from the same country. Some editions have more illustrations inside the book.

May 2015 - Announcing the partnership of KRYTYKA LITERACKA and IMMAGINE & POESIA


KRYTYKA LITERACKA is the arts and letters quarterly published in Poland. Founded in 2009 and edited by Tomasz Marek Sobieraj, presents essays, interviews with artists, poets, writers, intellectuals  and – last but not least – poems and literary criticism. The magazine, with Polish and international perspective, aims to translate and publish poetry from around the world. On its pages we have already published poets from Bangladesh, Chile, China, Germany, Greece, Denmark, Finland, Indonesia, Island, Israel, Lithuania, Netherlands, Poland, Russia, Spain, Ukraine and the USA.


Web sites:

Partnerships 2014

January 2014- Announcing the partnership of  POETRY PACIFIC and IMMAGINE & POESIA


Manifesto:: Poetry Pacific is of, by, and for true lovers of words and wisdom. 
About:: Established on the Remembrance Day of 2012 in Vancouver, Canada, Poetry Pacific is a quarterly literary e.zine committed to publishing poetry and promoting poetic/cultural exchange between the West and the East. Following a blind-editing policy, PP welcomes poetry submissions at from anyone, anywhere and anytime. 
Mission::Poetry Pacific functions to publish and promote 'the Best Contemporary Poetry in English' it can find.


Partnerships 2013



Voices Israel Group of Poets in English

Voices was founded in August, 1971 by Leslie Summers, Reuben Rose,Moshe Ben-Zvi and Jacob Katwan.  From this small beginning of fourmembers, the organization has grown to a membership of about 150 poets in Israel and many other countries. Our goals are:

  • to provide an outlet for writers of English poetry in Israel
  • to encourage new poets in their art
  • to promote international friendships through poetry


Members read their work at monthly meetings held in Tel Aviv, Haifa, Jerusalem and other towns in Israel, and in Boston, USA and London UK and participate in workshops held regularly during the course of the year in Israel.










Stanley H. Barkan, Poet/Publisher
Cross-Cultural Communications
239 Wynsum Avenue
Merrick, NY 11566-4725/USA
Tel: 516/868-5635
Fax: 516/379-1901

Profile: (Summer 2002 Issue)

Reviews: www.thepedestalmagazine (Apr 21-Jun 21, 2010, Issue 57, Reviews)
Interview: 1_JanFeb_2012_Global_Correspondent_Helen_Bar-Lev_Snow_and_Voices_Activities.htm







Peter Thabit Jones is the Founder and Editor of THE SEVENTH QUARRY, a poetry magazine published in Swansea, Wales, with an international perspective, which appears twice a year, in winter and summer.

The first issue was launched at The the Dylan Thomas Centre, Swansea, in January 2005.
THE SEVENTH QUARRY Swansea Poetry Magazine aims to publish quality poems from around the world. 
Poets from the U.K., America, Argentina, Australia, Bulgaria, Belarus, Canada, Catalonia, China, the Czech Republic, France,
Germany, Greece, Guatemala, Holland, India, Iran, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Korea, New Zealand, Portugal, Romania, Russia,
Serbia, Sicily, Slovakia, South Africa, Spain, and Switzerland have already appeared in its pages.

New York's Vince Clemente, as the magazine's Consultant Editor: America, ensures a steady stream of American poets.
Each issue features a Poet Profile, a batch of pages given over to a chosen poet. 
The policy is to try to alternate between a British poet and a non-British poet. 
There is also a Books and Magazines page, which provides details and brief comments on received publications.

The magazine is a cooperating partner with CROSS-CULTURAL COMMUNICATIONS PUBLISHERS, New York.
The partnership has already contributed to the magazine being displayed at several prestigious literary events in America and the publication in QUARRY of work by the late, Pulitzer prize-winner,  
American Poet Laureate Stanley Kunitz.

The magazine has also been contracted to THE POETRY LIBRARY'S (Royal Festival Hall, London) 
prestigious digitisation project, which will ensure copies of the magazine are featured on its very popular website: regarded by many as the best source for poetry in the U.K. 

QUARRY was featured in THE GUARDIAN, one of Britain's leading daily newspapers, in April 2006. It was awarded SECOND BEST SMALL PRESS MAGAZINE IN THE U.K. 2006 by PURPLE PATCH (U.K.).

Peter Thabit Jones organises THE SEVENTH QUARRY/CROSS-CULTURAL COMMUNICATIONS POETRY EVENTS, which have taken place at the Dylan Thomas Centre, Swansea, Dylan Thomas Birthplace, Swansea, and The Boathouse in Laugharne; and the first solo participant of the Series was America's Stanley H. Barkan.










The WORLD POETRY was created by Ariadne Sawyer and Alejandro Mujica-Olea in 1997. Its goal was to give recognition to multicultural and multilin­gual poets and writers, who have written in more than 100 languages spoken in Canada. Later on, the following were created:

  • The World Poetry Reading Series at the Vancouver Public Library.
  • The World Poetry Cafe – a radio show aired every Tuesday night from 9 – 10 pm on Vancouver Co-op Radio (CFRO 102.7 FM)
  • The World Poetry Electronic Newsletter
  • The World Poetry Publishing
  • The World Poetry Workshop Series
  • The World Poetry Night Out
  • The World Poetry International

The World Poetry foundation is built upon respect, honor, support, peace and love for all through the power of the arts and education. World Poetry boasts a strong Canadian and First Nations compo­nent; in the Lower Mainland alone, we are connected with over 500 poets, musicians and writers from 64 countries of origin. The World Poetry Electronic Newsletter is distributed to 7,000 readers in 25 coun­tries. The World Poetry Cafe radio show can be listened throughout the world on the internet.

We host the popular monthly World Poetry Reading Series at the Vancouver Public Library, where we present events featuring multicultural and multilingual poets, writers, and musicians for your enjoyment, enlightenment, and edification.

The World Poetry Café Radio Show airs every Tuesday night from 9-10 PM on Vancouver Co-op Radio (CFRO 102.7 FM), with your ever-eloquent hosts, Ariadne Sawyer and Alejandro Mujica-Olea. Guest hosts are Lucia Gorea and Angelo Moroni. You can find the latest shows on this site.

The World Poetry e-Newsletter is distributed to 5,030 readers in 25 countries. To subscribe to or (Gasp!) unsubscribe from our newsletter, please specify your preference in an email to

We welcome volunteers for our special events and the daily work of World Poetry Canada and World Poetry International.


Who We Are

The World Poetry Reading Series is a unique society that encompasses:

  • World Poetry Vancouver
  • World Poetry Night Out New Westminster
  • World Poetry Richmond
  • World Poetry Youth Team UBC
  • World Poetry Canada
  • World Poetry Canada International Peace Festivals
  • World Poetry Special Events
  • World Poetry Publishing
  • World Poetry Cafe Radio Show
  • the site:

We are a unique group with the goal of bringing out the voices of those who need to be heard, in respect, honour, support, peace and love.

Our community partners are carefully chosen for their conscience, integrity and trust. The partners will mention World Poetry and as needed display our logo.









Shabdaguchha is an international bilingual poetry journal edited and founded by Hassanal Abdullah, a Bangladeshi-American poet.


Shabdaguchha and Immagine & Poesia.


"We are celebrating the 15th anniversary of Shabdaguchha. Over these years, the magazine tried to publish the finest poems, both in English and Bengali. There were lots of difficulties fulfilling this goal, nevertheless we believe that we have been pretty successful. The help and support we have received from poets of different languages living in different parts of the world are tremendous. Though poetry is not something that can be sketched successfully in a day or two; continuous effort however makes a poet somewhat confident of what he wants to achieve. Same thing is applicable for a magazine too. 
Continuous search for good poems allowed us to come this far. Yet, we know that poetic achievement can never be measured by numerical scales. It always runs beyond standards and keeps on moving to set up new ones. We, therefore, would have to go miles before the end of this journey. 

Along the way, we established the Biannual Shabdaguchha Poetry Award in 2001. So far, this award was given to five Bengali poets living in Dhaka, Kolkata and New York. There will always be some critics. Still, we are deeply indebted to the people; the judges, the patrons, and the nominees; who helped us to make it possible. We believe that the bridge we have built between the poets of the East and west through Shabdaguchha would always be there throughout our journey and beyond. Therefore, we will not make any mistakes to thank our readers and contributors, who actually are the real heroes in our eyes. Without their gracious help and non-ending supports we would not be able to celebrate this day." 





September 2013 


Paterson Literary Review and Immagine & Poesia.


Paterson Literary Review
Reading period: 
December 1 to March 31
Response time: 
1 - 6 months
Simultaneous submissions: 
Accepts reprints: 
Reading fee: 


Passaic County Community Center
Passaic County Community Center




September 2013

Announcing the partnership of Korean Expatriate Literature and Immagine & Poesia



Korean Expatriate Literature (KEL)




  KEL was established in 1997 with the purpose of encouraging literary activity among Koreans overseas and of promoting Korean literature on a world-wide basis.  The first participants of KEL included poets Ko Won (U.S.), Lee Jin (Russia), Chol Kim (China), and novelists Hwe-Sung Lee (Winner of the Akutagawa Prize).


KEL has published a literary journal of the same name annually, since 1997.  The most recent volume, #19, was published in the spring of 2015.  The editor and publisher is Yoon Ho Cho.


With the cooperation of Stanley H. Barkan, poet, publisher, and editor of Cross-Cultural Communications of Merrick, N.Y., KEL introduced works of international poets through its publications.  The First Poetry Exchange Event was held in July, 2011, in Los Angeles, with poets Stanley Barkan, Carolyn Mary Kleefeld, Peter Thabit Jones, and others participating, along with some Korean poets and writers. 


An anthology of poetry by Korean and international poets entitled Bridging the Waters was a joint publication of KEL and CCC, in 2013.  The anthology included 35 U.S. and international poets and 40 Korean and Korean-American poets.   


After the publication of this anthology, KEL was asked by various international poetry groups, such as Imagine & Poesia of Italy and Cyclamen and Swords of Israel, to work in partnership with them.  KEL welcomes these opportunities and hopes that such partnerships will promote further exchange and help to introduce Korean literature to the wider world.

Partnerships have been established between KEL and the following groups:

CCC (Stanley Barkan, U.S.)

Lips (Laura Boss, U.S.)

The Seventh Quarry (Peter Thabit Jones, Wales, U.K.)

Immagine & Poesia (Lidia Chiarelli, Torino, Italy)

Cyclamen and Swords Publishing (Helen Bar Lev & John Simon, Israel)

World Poetry (Ariadne Sawyer, Canada)

Arba Sicula (Gaetano Cipolla)

Olimpia Iacob (Romania)

Shabdaguchha(Hassanal Abdullah, Bengali/English bilingual journal)

KEL website:

For Information, contact:  Yoon Ho Cho


 Kyung-Nyun Richards