"Beyond Struggle" by Carrie Wade, U.S.A.

Courtesy  of Carrie Wade, U.S.A.
Courtesy of Carrie Wade, U.S.A.

Carlo Actis Dato, Mazzé (Torino), Italy

''A Night in Kathmandu'' by Carlo Actis Dato, Italy


LINK: http://www.actisdato.it/English/actisdato.htm



Maurizio Brunod, Ivrea, Italy

"Ballad for Pat" by Maurizio Brunod, Italy


LINK: http://www.brunod.com/IT/index.php?page=bio





Damien Blue, Cameroon

Angale official video by Damien Blue, Directed by Nkwain E. Chiambah (Master Chill), Produced by CHILLEN MUZIC.


Krzysztof Ogonowski, Poland

In excess - Musical manifesto - Poland
Musical manifesto for the book: Thirteen [for luck] by Krzysztof Ogonowski

Lyrics: Krzysztof Ogonowski, Michał Szpak

Music: Sebastian Piekarek

Michal Szpak -singer
01 Ścieżka 1.wma
File Windows Media Music 2.7 MB

Manifesto for the book: Thirteen [for luck] by Krzysztof Ogonowski.


Together with: the crisis of faith, worldview and human relations, m-theory connected with theory of strings, global and commercial internet, mass devastation of natural environment, conflicts and nuclear threat, the biggest economic crisis and so on the world we know ended!
I have no willingness to live in this time and space, where there in no place for: proximity and faith, courage and honour- in the world where in the chronic sense of emptiness reigns. This is why I think that the duty of today’s art and science is tenewed redefinition of basic valnes in a manner that is comprehensible to everyone.
The key to the solution of Everything (reneved redefinition) is the geometrical theory of strings in its broadest dimension of m-theory. It is this theory that gives hope. The aim of redefinition is to create new space-time continuum, that is a new dimension of valnes, natural environment, economy, etc.
My attempt is: Thirteen – painting and texts. It is a definition of primitive notions, where each is potentially true and potentially false. The point of departure is: Plato’s solids (and others), curves, spheres-the aim, however, (not attainable at this stage) is the Calabi Yan’s manifold.




"Blue Dance" by Maria Marachowska, Siberia (Russia)/Germany

Maria Marachowska
Maria Marachowska



Hometown: Omsks/Siberia

Genre: Guitar instrumental








born in Omsk/ Siberia




works as a freelance artist both in the fields of art and music in Berlin, various paintings are contained in private collections in Germany, Europe and Russia; she conceives cross-genre art events/ whole art works with multimedia projections of her paintings combined with her music, sound and light effects and staged exhibition spaces




Live-performance with her “SIBERIAN BLUES“ at “4th Peace Festival“, Berlin, Alexanderplatz

2010 - 2012

Execution of large-format, commissioned art works in the fields of painting and glass painting; intense pursuit of artistic forms of expression and Fine Art techniques;  creates numerous thematic collections

2007 - 2009

Organizer of the music and art series “Katharsis“ at “Kaffee Burger“, Berlin

since 2006

In addition to her work as a fine artist, she has developed her personal music style, called “SIBERIAN BLUES“, numerous performances, a.o. at the legendary “Kaffee Burger“, at the “SO 36“ and in various Berlin clubs

2004 - 2006

Education for “Media designer for digital and print media/ design”, GPB-Pankow, Berlin (Germany)


Moves to Berlin


Moves to Jena, Germany

1998 - 2000

Painter for decorative ornamentation of metal and wood as well as artistic design, Vocational Academy “Art Lyceum 66”, Omsk (Russia)


Moves back to her native city Omsk, Siberia

1989 - 1993

E.T.A. Hoffmann Music School for highly gifted children, Kaliningrad/ Königsberg (instrument: piano)

1986 - 1997

Secondary school with secondary school certificate, Kaliningrad/ Königsberg


Moves to Kaliningrad/ Königsberg with her family

1980 - 1985

Spent her early childhood with her family in Estergom/ Hungary






Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
Genre: Americana / Pop Rock / Alt-Country 


With a picturesque sound that is distinctly American yet colored by the exotic, Carrie Wade is a recording artist who delivers her personal evocations with powerful subtlety and a sublime sense of emotion. Filmic textures harken back to the classic soundtracks of the 1960s, from which melancholy and simplicity of the time merge into the modern world of today where Wade’s songs move the audience in the sometimes violent, sometimes peaceful ebb and flow of living. 


Wade’s debut album, The Old Ways blends a palette of disparate genres and unusual instrumentation into an artful whole of beautiful substance. Wade conceived The Old Ways in collaboration with two select co-producers. As a multi-instrumentalist, Peter Kearns of New Zealand provided arrangements incorporating funky piano, swirling mellotron, harmonium, and elegant string arrangements among other inventive combinationsBruce Springsteen cohort Marty Rifkin lent to The Old Ways a refined sense of Country, Blues, Folk, and Rock with his Nashville-caliber command of pedal and lap steel, dobro, electric and bass guitar...


Link: http://www.carriewade.com/


"Fountains", by Patrick Gorman, U.S.A.

Patrick Gorman, U.S.A.
Patrick Gorman, U.S.A.


From: U.S.A.

Genre: Acoustic / Acoustic piano


 Patrick Gorman is a composer and performer of instrumental solo piano movements falling stylistically into the realms of ambient and contemporary classical. His exploratory approach to the instrument infuses streaks of melodic passages with dynamically rhythmic and thematic movements, resulting in a sound and style that very much remains his own.

His solo piano recordings Sounds from the Wishing Well (2005) and Chasing Tornadoes (2010) were produced by founder of Windham Hill Records and Grammy award winning recording artist Will Ackerman.


"...one of the most remarkable performances I have had the pleasure to witness." Will Ackerman


Link: http://www.soundclick.com/bands/default.cfm?bandID=472633



"Ocean" by Ratoi Catalin, Romania

Ratoi Catalin, Romania
Ratoi Catalin, Romania


Hometown: Mangalia, Romania

Genre:  Acoustic / Acoustic Piano 



 Ratoi Catalin is a pianist from Mangalia, Romania covering a mixed style called progressive new age piano. The base of this style is new age piano and progressive rock creating an original combination which worth to be listened.

Catalin has just released his first album "Pictures of life".

The goal of this album together with this site is according to the artist mission, spreading the musical harmony among the other people. You are invited to check the other links and get to know better Catalin and his music. 


Link: http://www.soundclick.com/bands/default.cfm?bandID=951161



"A Bleak December" by James Filkins, U.S.A.

James Filkins, U.S.A.
James Filkins, U.S.A.



Hometown: Traverse City   MI  USA

Genre: Acoustic / Acoustic Guitar


James Filkins is a fingerstyle acoustic guitar player using primarily alternate tunings. With a style that is a bit new age, a bit Celtic and a bit just plain hard to describe but ALL acoustic! James writes and records original instrumental music that is acoustically melodic, moody and textured. His music has been described as "Like a continuous flow of inspiration of the deeper layers of the soul...  almost impressionistic... shifting and drifting through a beautiful haze of sound ...guitar miniatures that tell stories within themselves.”

Filkins’ finds inspiration in the beauty and tranquility of Northwestern Lower Michigan where he has resided for the past 35 years.  He also finds inspiration in handmade acoustic guitars like his custom McIlroy AJ25c, used to record many of the tunes heard on his CD Borderline Normal . He has also featured guitars made by Tim McKnight  and  Simon Fay. Several of his tunes have also been heard Roadtrip Nation which airs on PBS. Look for a new CD in the Spring.

Link: www.jamesfilkins.com


"Never Far From Here" by Vin Downes, U.S.A.

Vin Downes, U.S.A.
Vin Downes, U.S.A.



Hometown: Bayonne, NJ, U.S.A.

Genre: Acoustic / Acoustic Guitar 


Vin Downes began studying guitar at the age of eleven. His early interests were in electric guitar, but this changed when he heard the music of Michael Hedges and Leo Kottke. He was immediately intrigued with the art of fingerstyle acoustic guitar.

Downes went on to earn a degree in classical guitar performance and music education from William Paterson University. Along the way, he has studied classical composition, Indian tabla, and American roots music, while developing a love for jazz and all improvised music.  

As well as being a composer and solo artist, Vin Downes is a  freelance guitarist who works in Classical, Jazz, Theater, and Popular music settings. He has also been an award winning music educator for the last seventeen years.


Link: http://www.vindownes.com/