"Fire's Itinerary" Alejandra Miranda's Exhibition for Immagine & Poesia, Art Museum of La Paz (Entre Ríos) - Argentina - April-May 2019

Mixed tecnique on canvas, 50 x40 cm, 2019

"They haven’t gone"
Mixed tecnique on canvas, 50 x40 cm, 2019



The fire’s itinerary


“To my elders who follow in my flesh darkly”


A line, meandering and powerful

heads down to the deep past

to the time and place

where I ran, I killed and

I devoured to survive.

Where fire was a refuge;

and love, an instinct

and dawn, bewilderment.

Behind the wind I will leave,

and I will shout their names.


They haven’t gone, listen.

They are present

in the breeze that makes us shudder,

in the unexpected crackling of the fire,

in the ever changing clouds,

in the flowing water,

in the gentle strokes of the moon,

in a ray of sunlight,

in my children’s eyes,

in my grandchildren’s smile,

in my hands.


Time’s memory is made of

bones and ashes, of turns

and stars.

A thread of sand flows subtly,

guiding my soul toward the light.



Alejandra Miranda (2018)



In this series of art works I had the need to return to abstraction, to "empty" myself in familiar ways to explore the invisible world of my ancestors. To cross the contours of what surrounds us, to connect with the delicate lines of light in continuous movement that I see since I was small when I unfocused my gaze, and that unite everything that exists.

First, I draw them with a black pencil on the surface, creating a frame from which I incorporate, scrape, dissolve, mix, cover the matter. Gradually the planes, the strokes and the words appear until they reach a significant internal meaning. I combine acrylic and oil with industrial paints. I use achromatics, gold, silver and very austerely, sometimes, primary colors. During the creative process I like to work the matter with intensity until I feel its transmutation.

Although my work is abstract it is intimately linked to the natural world at a level below the molecular, which I approach from intuition. The earth, the feminine, the word, the gesture and the "magic" of making visible what is not yet, are the themes that always accompanied me, and also do it on this return trip that began with this poetry.

Alejandra Miranda (ARGENTINA)

"Abrazo Invisible" La Paz (Entre Ríos) - Argentina - 2017

Abrazo invisible 15- 09- 2017
Una muestra colectiva (5 artistas) y una poesía

Group Exhibition in Sweden - Galleri Passagen, Årjäng bibliotek April 25 - May 16 - 2015

Art Curator: Marit Risto Fagerli, Norwegian Representative of the Movement

The Power of Art, Sarpsborg - Norway 2014

Photo Album of the Exhibition (PDF by Huguette Bertrand, Canada)
Exhibition Norway 2014.pdf
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PHOTO ALBUM by Art Curator Marit Risto Fagerli





One of the most important International Fine Art Exhibitions in Norway.

Tune Bibliotek - Sarpsborg

September 1 - 12 2014

Art Curator: Marit Risto Fagerli

Tune Bibliotek
Tune Bibliotek
Artworks at The Power of Art exhibition
Artworks at The Power of Art exhibition
Artworks and Artists
Artworks and Artists
"Winter Concert": paintings and poem
"Winter Concert": paintings and poem
The Power of Art exhibition in Sarpsborg
The Power of Art exhibition in Sarpsborg

"Sarpsborg Arbeiderblad" article by CECILIE SOMMER-MATHIESEN - (Translation by MARIT RISTO FAGERLI and CHRISTY RYDER)

"Sarpsborg Arbeiderblad" (SA) Monday 1. September.
"Sarpsborg Arbeiderblad" (SA) Monday 1. September.

The Entire World’s Art

International at Tune

(translated by Marit Risto Fagerli and Christy Ryder)


The artist Marit Risto, 56, collected art from faraway lands when she invited artists to participate in the exhibition at Tune Library.


In September, Marit Risto will open a new exhibition with numerous international artists from the art movement Immagine & Poesia. It will be far from a traditional exhibition.



"It is an experimental way to exhibit in that it combines visual art with poetry," says curator Risto, the art movement's representative in Norway and Sweden.



Mutual Inspiration


“When it comes to contemporary art, I've really had trouble finding something that appeals to me. So it was fantastic to find through the Internet such a group of artists who enjoy much the same as me.

The Internet offers a great venue for feedback and opinions, as well as connections and communication between individuals," thinks Risto.




“It will be an experimental way to exhibit.”




Artwork in different styles, sizes and expressions, in all colours of the rainbow, are exhibited at Tune.

Along with the poetry, mutual inspiration is created.

“I even have pictures from Australia”, says Risto who also has traveled around and borrowed pictures, including an original of Zalans from Riga, one of her favorite artists.




International Exhibition


A total of 18 artists and poets are represented, with prints, paintings, photos and poems.

The movement's Italian founder, Lidia Chiarelli, also exhibits and is joined by artists from Greece, Hungary, Croatia, Switzerland, France, Finland, India and Germany. Most of the artists were included when it was an organized exhibition in Årjäng in Sweden last summer.


"Some new ones have also been added. Among them, the poet Huguette Bertrand, photographer and poet Elis Podnar who both live in Canada, the Romanian painter Béla Tarcsay and Mirek Antoniewicz from Poland," says Risto.


The exhibition will also be photographed and posted on the Internet.

Risto, originally from Lillestrøm, has for many years lived in Ise.  She acquired a separate studio in the old torp she has in Sweden.








"Colours Peace and Solidarity" Årjängs Bibliotek, Sweden 2013

Colours - Peace & Solidarity
Starts from 22 July to 5th August 2013 - Årjängs Bibliotek, Galleri Passagen, Sweden.

Artists: Lidia Chiarelli, Italy; Agnès Trachet, France; Anisja Rossi, Croatia / Switzerland; Marit Risto Fagerli, Norway / Sweden ; Marjo Mommersteeg, Holland ; Fotini Hamidieli, Greece ; Sirpa Mononen, Finland / Switzerland ; Perdita Felizitas, Germany / Austria ; Gianpiero Actis, Italy ; David Hacker. USA ; Han Stuster, Holland / Norway ; Jon Baird, Australia ; Alessandro Actis, Italy ; Zalans Ilgvars, Latvia ; Gopakumar. R, India / Bahrain ; Nikolaus Hirschmann, Germany .



Immagine & Poesia at Årjängs Bibliotek, Sweden
Immagine & Poesia at Årjängs Bibliotek, Sweden
Exhibition at Årjängs Bibliotek, Sweden
Exhibition at Årjängs Bibliotek, Sweden
Exhibition at Årjängs Bibliotek, Sweden
Exhibition at Årjängs Bibliotek, Sweden
Exhibition at Årjängs Bibliotek, Sweden
Exhibition at Årjängs Bibliotek, Sweden
Exhibition at Årjängs Bibliotek, Sweden
Exhibition at Årjängs Bibliotek, Sweden
Marit and Marie for Immagine & Poesia in Sweden, July/August 2013
Marit and Marie for Immagine & Poesia in Sweden, July/August 2013
Exhibition at Årjängs Bibliotek, Sweden with Aeronwy Thomas' photo
Exhibition at Årjängs Bibliotek, Sweden with Aeronwy Thomas' photo
''Dictionaries of Light'' by Gianpiero Actis, Torino
''Dictionaries of Light'' by Gianpiero Actis, Torino


''Three Years with Lawrence Ferlinghetti''

Arte Città Amica, via Rubiana 15 - Torino


September 28 - October 7  2012

Opening Reception: September 28 at 6 pm

Artists are inspired by two poems by Lawrence Ferlinghetti:

''Dictionaries of Light'' and ''Are there not still fireflies?''


Link: http://www.undo.net/it/mostra/146092



Ruo Roch Arte Contemporanea
Ruo Roch Arte Contemporanea

''La fotografia incontra la poesia di LAWRENCE FERLINGHETTI''

Ruo Roch Arte Contemporanea

via Roma 64, Bibiana (Torino)


 September 29 - October 21  2012

Opening Reception: September 29 at 6 pm


Link: http://immaginepoesia.wordpress.com/2012/09/18/la-fotografia-incontra-la-poesia-di-lawrence-ferlinghetti-a-bibiana/



''Immagine & Poesia à Beausoleil: Gianpiero Actis et les amis du Mouvement''


Cyberespace municipal, 32 boulevard de la République, Beausoleil

5 - 31 octobre, 2012

Vernissage: le 5 octobre à 18h

Link Montecarlonews.it :

Montecarlonews.it: http://www.montecarlonews.it/2012/09/28/notizie/argomenti/eventi-2/articolo/beausoleil-una-nuova-mostra-del-movimento-immagine-poesia.html



Office Tourisme Beausoleil: http://www.beausoleil-tourisme.com/voir_actualite.asp?N=533


UnDo.Net: http://www.undo.net/it/mostra/146682


Nice Matin: http://la-poesie-des-couleurs.over-blog.com/article-nice-matin-exposition-italienne-au-cyberespace-de-beausoleil-111400170.html