Poetry · 02. aprile 2024
IBRAHIM HONĐO è un poeta canadese-bosniaco. Ha pubblicato 38 raccolte di poesia in lingua inglese e 28 raccolte in serbocroato. Altrettanto è presente nel più di 70 antologie poetiche internazionali. Sue poesie sono state pubblicate in 60 diverse riviste e quotidiani, nei radio-programmi e le stazioni televisive. Ha partecipato in quattro conferenze letterarie, e in parecchi festivals poetici e letterari. Alcune sue poesie sono state tradotte in quasi in 20 lingue diverse. Per il suo lavoro...
Poetry · 02. ottobre 2023
Arba Sicula in collaboration with the Italian Cultural Center of St. John’s University, will present The Poetry of Ignazio Buttitta on October 7, 2023 at 6:30 PM. This book, volume XIX of the “Poets of Arba Sicula” series which professor Cipolla had been trying to translate for years is finally a reality. Ignazio Buttitta’s poetry has been an inspiration to Arba Sicula because the poet shared our passionate defense of the Sicilian language and fought to see the Sicilian people overcome...
Poetry · 03. dicembre 2022
Alexander Kabishev (Russia): WHAT IS CHRISTMAS?
What is Christmas? What is Christmas? Tell me please! Just a way happiness To increase? What is Christmas? I want to know! Is it a season? Full of snow? What is Christmas? For you friends? This is something That never ends! What is Christmas? We all know Plays for us An important role! I choose to believe. I choose to believe. I choose to forgive I choose to remember. I choose simple – life! I choose to accept. I choose one more time I choose not to give up And I choose still to fight! I...
Poetry · 18. novembre 2022
. A message of peace . I want to spread the message of peace In this whole world We all want peace Let's be a song of peace Throw away the sorrow To hate Cover the cloak of love And become Companions of love And flowers like that Give fragrance to everyone Life is too short Fill it with color Each other's tears clean up And stick together . Anila Talib . Pakistan
Poetry · 03. novembre 2021
Lidia Chiarelli on PAPIRUS - Turkey
Poetry · 25. gennaio 2021
#Sue Zhu #Lidia Chiarelli #Immagine&Poesia #Yalujiang Literary Monthly
Poetry · 08. dicembre 2020
ANTIMANIFESTO (for Nicanor Parra, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Nat Scammacca) Poets, I have come down not just from Brooklyn Heights or Olympus but from Erice in Trapani, Sicily. From the pinnacle of Aphrodite’s sacred mountain, I beheld a vista: White clouds covering everything like a mythic sea— only a single rock rising out of the soft white mist. The boulder that Polyphemus threw at Odysseus and his crew escaping from this the isle of grapes and sheep and Cyclops? Yes, I descended down the...
Poetry · 20. ottobre 2020

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