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Dear Ms. Chiarelli Actis,


My colleagues and I gratefully acknowledge the generous gift of


Immagine & Poesia and I Colori delle Parole.


Please accept our thanks for your help in


developing the Library’s resources.






Denise Hibay


Susan and Douglas Dillon Head of Collection Development




  • January 24, 2014.








In accordance with Federal income tax law we inform you that no goods or services were provided in return for your charitable contribution to the library.




Materials given to the Library are subject to the Library’s “Policy on Gift Materials”, which can be found at The Library reserves the right to use or dispose of unsolicited materials in any manner it deems appropriate.








Direzione Centrale Cultura e Educazione Città di Torino
Ringraziamento dono. Dottssa Lidia Chiar
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Biblioteca Domingo Faustino Sarmiento La Paz ( Entre Rios) - Argentina


Buen día, en nombre de la Biblioteca Popular Sarmiento de la ciudad de La Paz ( Entre Rios) queremos agradecer la donación del libro "Immagine & Poesía" , quedando a su disposición le saludamos atentamente.



Comisión Directiva Biblioteca Sarmiento


09 de abril 2014



Biblioteca Popular Sarmiento, La Paz entre Rios
Biblioteca Popular Sarmiento, La Paz entre Rios