Representatives of the Movement (M-Z)

Macedonia: Ivo Pecov, Skopje


Ivo Pecov was born in 1980 in Macedonia. He gained his high art education with specialty in graphics at National Art Academy in Sofia, Bulgaria where in 2010 he defended his doctoral dissertation. He has participated in many group exhibitions and he has shown his art through several solo exhibitions in Macedonia and abroad.

Ivo Pecov graphics art works are very rigorous and always in perfect harmony with the artists own words when he says “I prefer art made with direct physical contact with the artist and the materials which he uses for work of art. Because of these reasons I use mostly classical techniques in painting and graphics”.

His works presents a complex mix of the real world social issues intersected with an inner world of powerful imagination and sub consciousness. Ivo Pecov is very well aware of this fine mixture of these two worlds in his art, according to his own statement: “In my creations I always seek for the connection between individual and society, material and spiritual world. I’m interested in actual society problems, which are reflected in part of my works, where I reveal my point of view…

But we must keep looking because it is when we keep looking that the images reveal themselves to be the artist positions and opinions on our world and our society. And one must look for the artwork title, for with this artist the title of each work is also a key to help decipher its message and its intention…

Ivo Pecov artworks are powerful images with the ability and strength to question and eventually change the viewer point of view.”

Curator Aristides Meneses in Prospero International Art Book 2012.


Ivo Pecov is the representative of Immagine & Poesia in Macedonia.

Malta: Doranne Alden, Naxxar


As a professional graphic designer and artist, Doranne Alden's preferred painting medium is watercolour. She enjoys working on various subjects and is mostly inspired by the colour of the composition rather than the subject matter itself. Doranne Alden was born in 1963 on the island of Malta and moved to Germany in 1996 and lived there for almost 7 years. She studied Art for a number of years at the Polytechnic School in Malta and also took various short courses in Graphic Design and Interior Design. Her work experience spans several years with various advertising agencies and eventually, before moving overseas, she ran her own advertising company. During the years spent in Germany, she held drawing and watercolour classes for adults. In 2006 Dora, won first prize in the Watercolour Section in a competition organized by the Society of Arts, Manufacture and Commerce, in Malta. As a graphic designer Alden has published photographic calendars, posters and postcards on Malta. On her return to Malta, Alden carried on teaching art to children and adults and also exhibiting her paintings. Her work also recently featured in the UK based ‘Artists & Illustrators’ magazine.

Doranne Alden is the representative of Immagine & Poesia in Malta.



  Mauritius: Vatsala Radhakeesoon 


Vatsala Radhakeesoon was born in Curepipe, Mauritius on 17 October 1977.

She started writing poems in English at the age of 14 in 1992 and kept on expanding her poetic skills in other languages such as French, Mauritian Kreol and Hindi.

Her poetry is occasionally published in local newspapers, international journals and some

anthologies. She is also the author of numerous poetry books and an experimental abstract artist. She considers Poetry to be her first love and Visual Art, her healer in all

circumstances of life.

Vatsala currently lives at Rose-Hill and is a self- employed literary translator, and one of the interview editors of the annual online journal, Asian Signature.

Vatsala Radhakeesoois the representative of Immagine & Poesia in Mauritius.




Mexico: Alicia  Minjarez  Ramírez,Tijuana

Poet, Translator,  Singer, University Professor,  Broadcast locution Radio and T.V.

She was born in Tijuana, Mexico. She is an internationally renowned poetess and author who has won numerous awards including the EASAL medal by the European Academy of Sciences and Letters 2018 at Paris, France. Awarded "Pride of the Globe" WNWU, Kazakhstan 2018; Awarded with Honorable Mention in the category: Foreign Poetry, of the International Poetry Prize Poseidonia Paestrum, Edition XXIV, Italy 2018. Awarded "Universal Inspirational Poet", Pentasi B. World, India 2017; Winner of a special mention and a medal in the International Poetry Prize NOSSIDE Italy 2015, recognized by UNESCO.  Awarded with the IWA BOGDANI Albania Award, 2016. Awarded with the Third Place in French Poetry in the International Poetry Prize ‘Sous les traces de Léopold Sédar Senghor” at Milan, Italy, 2016 recognized by ONU and UNESCO. Winner of a mention in the NOSSIDE Poetry Prize, Italy 2016. Awarded "Universal Inspirational Poet" Pentasi B. World, Africa, Ghana 2016. She was considered among the International Poets published  in the XXI Century World Literature Book released at New Delhi, India, 2016.  Her poems have been translated into: English, Albanian, French, Cameroonian, Arabic, Azerbaijan, Turkish, Chinese, Taiwanese, Portuguese, Polish and  Italian. And published in more than 130 International Anthologies, journals and magazines around the world. Alicia  Minjarez  Ramírez is one of the representatives of IMMAGINE & POSIA in Mexico.



 Mexico: Raymundo Garza Lozano, Monterrey


  Raymundo Garza Lozano is one of the representatives of Immagine & Poesia in Mexico.













Mongolia: Hadaa Sendoo, Ulan Bator 


Sendoo Hadaa (born.1961) is recognized as a great poet of the 21th century. He is a member of the Union of Mongolian Writers. In 2006, he founded the groundbreaking World Poetry Almanac which he continues to edit. Since 1989, he has published 19 books of poetry. Sendoo’s recent collections of poems include “Sweet Smell of Grass” (in Persian 2016), “Aurora” (in Kurdish 2017), “Mongolian Long Song” (in Georgian 2017), “Wenn ich sterbe, werde ich träumen” (in Mongolian- German bilingual 2017)"Mongolian Blue Spots" (in Dutch,2017), " A Corner of the Earth"(in Norwegian 2018), " Peace, Broken Heart" (in Russian 2018), and “Sich zuhause fühlen” (in German 2018). Sendoo Hadaa’s influence transcends national and ethnic borders. He has won many awards including the Mongolian Writers’ Union Prize. Presently he served as co-Chairman of the Council of Writers and Readers of the Assembly of Peoples of Eurasia. He lives in the Ulan Bator, the capital of Mongolia.

Hadaa Sendoo is the representative of IMMAGINE & POESIA in Mongolia.

Morocco: Monsif  Beroual, Rabat



He was born in Rabat, Morocco, on October 19th, 1994. He is graduated of a License in Public Law at  Sidi Mohammed Ben Adlallah University in Taza, Morocco. He is a multi- awarded and International renowned poet.

Awarded with the Prize: Cultural Youth Ambassador granted by: Inner Child Press International, building bridges for cultural understanding,  U.S.A. 2018.

Awarded with the Prize: Ambassador – Morocco at Nigeria, granted by Global Socio-Economic and Financial Evolution Network (GSEFEN) 2018.

Awarded with a Certificate that endorses his inclusion as illustrious International Writer by: World Directory of Literature, History, Art and Culture for his recognized merits in the literary and Cultural field at Mexico, 2018.

Awarded with the Prize: A Star of Peace, by Poetry Canada 2017.  

Awarded with the Pablo Neruda Medal Award 2017, at Rabat, Morocco.

Awarded with the Pentasi B. Youth Leadership Award, given in November 2017, at Rabat City, Morocco.

Awarded with the  Pentasi B. Universal Inspirational Poet Award, Hyderabad Award, India 2017.

Awarded with the Pentasi B. Universal Inspirational Poet Award, Africa, Ghana 2016.

Director for Morocco at the International Writers Capital Literature Foundation established in India 2016.

Director for Morocco at the Soflay Literary Foundation, established at Pakistan, 2017.

He has been appointed Director of Youth in Rabat City Morocco, 2017.

Co-organizer in the International Festival of Cultural Diplomacy and Humanitarian Poetry, fifth edition at Rabat, Salé, Morocco 2018.

Editor of the Anthology: Feelings International Artists Society, Vol. II. Published in New Mexico and presented in an International Conference at India, 2016.

His poems have been translated into different languages, read them on radio programs and have been published in several International journals and anthologies around the world.

He speaks fluently: English, French and Arabic.

Monsif  Beroual is the representative of Immagine & Poesia in Morocco.







Nepal: Binod Dawadi, Kathmandu



Binod Dawadi is from Purano Naikap 13, Kathmandu Nepal.

He has completed his Masters Degree from TU in Major English.

He  likes  reading and writing  literary forms. His  hobbies are reading, writing, singing  and traveling.

Binod Dawadi is the Representative of IMMAGINE & POESIA in Nepal






Netherlands: André Schreuder, Delft
"I was born in Delft , the city of Vermeer in 1960 . My father  and his uncle teached me  how to draw, but at first I was more interested in language and writing . I made some  poems, short stories, even some  folkstories.  At forty   I thought I should learn to play the guitar...Around 2006  I  rediscovered  painting, it is great to express  myself this way .To  my surprise my work is  more and more appreciated by  friends and colleagues and I hope one day I will reach a huge audience"
André Schreuder is the representative of Immagine & Poesia in The Netherlands.
New Zealand:  Sue Zhu, Auckland

Sue Zhu( 淑文)

She usedtobeTVpresenterinChina,nowlivesinAuckland, New Zealand Chinese poet, painter and entrepreneur, organizer of international cultural exchange.

SheisamemberofThePoetry Institute of China, director of NZPoem Art Association, honorarydirectoroftheUS-China Cultural Association, One of the founders ofNZ “AllSoulsPoetry”club,an editor and advisor forsome Chinesepoetryclubs and magazinesinChina, USA andNewZealand.

Shewas a Judge and organizer for 2019 first “Zuolong and Right Tiger Cup” international Poetry Competition of China, Vice Chairman for the first and second Montreal International Double Fifth Festival Commemoration of Canada (2019,2020), a New Zealand chairman of the first International Mother's Day competition of Canada in 2019.

She has started to publish her articles since 1995, and has published three books of Children's Education Department Series so far.

Award-winning poet. Her poems are translated multilingually.

Herpoemsand painting arepublishedinmainnewspapersandmagazines in China and different countries, including UnitedStates,Canada,NewZealand,Indonesia,Japan, Japan and Bangladesh ....

In the Year 2019 she was awarded the certificate of Munir Mezyed Foundation for Arts and Culture.


Nigeria:  Oluwanbe Amodu, Lagos


 Oluwanbe Amodu was born on March 19th, 1983 in Lagos State, but hails from Ikare Akoko in Ondo State. He attended the famous Yabe college of Technology where he studied General Art on a Par time basis. He later joined the Ara Studio in 2006 where he was baptized in the stream of Araism technique directly by the Master proponent, Mufu Onifade. He also joined the Araism Movement in the same year, and debuted in Araism Movement 2. He as been constant in paying homage to the annual feast of the Araism Movement.
 Oluwanbe, was one of the selected 101 Nigerian Artists a book Published by a Nigerian US based Mr Chukuwuemeka Bosa in Columbus, United States.
Oluwanbe Amodu is the representative of Immagine & Poesia in Nigeria.
His Exhibition experience include:

 Araism Movement 2 2007,

 Araism Movement 3 2008,

 Araism Movement 4 2008,

 Beyond Imagination, 2nd Annual Art Exhibition/Drawing Competition organized
 by the Multimedia Foundation of Artists 2008,

 Araism Movement 5 2009,

 Araism Movement 6 2009,

 Black Heritage Festival 2010,

 Araism Movement 7 2010.

 Araism Movement 8 2011.

 Araism Movement 9 2012.
 Araism Movement 11 2013.

 Oman: Amita Sanghvi, Muscat

Amita Sanghvi teaches at Sultan Qaboos University in Muscat. She holds an MA, B.ed MPHIL in English  Literature, Univ of Mumbai and MA in TESOL from Lancaster University, UK. She has presented academic  papers in USA, Japan, Germany, Italy, Turkey, Malaysia, Egypt, Oman and India. 

Her first book of poetry, Lavender Memories was launched at the Indian Embassy Oman in 2018. She is  honoured as the Ambassador of Poetry to Oman by World Poetry Canada. Find more on: 

Recently she has edited an Anthology of Artworks, World Poetry Peaceathon alongwith Ariadne Sawyer,  Richard Doiron and Katherine L Gordon. Amita Sanghvi is the Representative of Immagine & Poesia in Oman



Pakistan:  Anila Bukhari 


 Anila Bukhari (World’s First Poetess To Write 99 prose hamads In Urdu) became the first Pakistani whose poems and biography have been displayed at the Fiero Arts Gallery in Medellin, Colombia.  Anila Bukhari is the author of ten books, among which her famous book Roshan Satare and Meet Zameer Ki Cholo Asman Ishqzadeh and others are included. The famous magazine LMA has featured with Miss Universe of the Netherlands, apart from this, his poetry has been presented in the Poetry Club of America. She has given Pakistan many honors. She is a part of several international anthologies. Her poems have also been featured in the popular program Koffee Talk broadcast from Michigan and are read in Greece, America, Nepal and China. Her dream is to win the Nobel Prize in Urdu literature and make the country (Pakistan) famous. Previously, Renowned foreign artists have created masterpiece paintings on the poems of Pakistan’s famous poet Syeda Anila Talib. On her poem, the artist of Taiwan made a tribute by making a painting. Various international artists are using the poetry of  Anila Bukhari with their paintings!


Pakistan: Muhammad Azram 



Poet and Author Muhammad Azram hails from Pakistan. Muhammad Azram is an autodidact, and a self-styled philosopher. A Multi-Awarded Poet conferred upon with many international Awards and literary honors by various International Literary Organizations. Muhammad Azram’s literary work and solo books continue to be publish more widely and his poems reside in numerous International Anthologies and International Magazines of acclaim. Muhammad Azram’s literary work has been translated into Spanish, French, Serbian, Arabic and many other International languages and published in prestigious books and magazines. Considering his extreme conscious approach, unique style and composite philosophy about life and existence, critics listed him among the greatest writers of all time like Virginia Wolf, James Joyce and many more.

Muhammad Azram is the representative of Immagine & Poesia in Pakistan.





Peru: Alan Kent Chávez Chávez, Trujillo


Alan Kent Chávez Chávez was born on May 21st of 1975 in Trujillo, Peru. 

At the age of 2, Alan Kent moved out from the Coast to the Jungle Region of the country where he lived for nearly 10 years within the spell and embrace of nature. This land had a great impact in Alan Kent and he developed a taste for the mysteries and the unknown. At the age of 5, he experienced his first confrontation with Art as he was part on the "Regional Children Art Contest: Painting on the Road" where he won the main prize. Then he moved back to Trujillo.

Life in the Coast was different to living in the jungle, but it could allow Alan Kent to experience a better Education and eventually walk his way on the path of Art, since there were no Art Schools in the Jungle. At the age of 20, he finally began his studies of Art when he won a grant to study at the "Fine Art School Macedonio de la Torre" in Trujillo . He studied there from 1995 to 1999 and graduated with the "Gold Medal Prize". Ever since then, Alan Kent has been working continuously in his Art, which he refers to as “A work of Love”.

The Art of Alan Kent has originally been influenced by Surrealism and The Visionary Art and lately by the Art of 2 outstanding Peruvian artists: Tilsa Tsuchiya (1930-1984) and Venancio Shinki (1932).

Alan Kent walks the path of Magic Symbolism and we can sense an intention of Ecologism hidden within lots of his works, which are part of private collections in different Countries of the world such as USA, Argentina, Australia, Canada, Peru, Spain, Italy, Thailand.


Alan Kent is the Representative of Immagine & Poesia in Peru.


Philippines: Caroline Nazareno-Gabis

Caroline ‘Ceri Naz’ Nazareno-Gabis, World Poetry Canada International Director to Philippines, is a multi-awarded contemporary poet, editor, journalist, museumist, linguist, educator, peace and women’s advocate.

Graduated cum laude with the degree of Bachelor of Elementary Education, specialized in General Science at Pangasinan State University. Ceri have been a voracious researcher in various arts, science and literature. She volunteered in Richmond Multicultural Concerns Society, TELUS World Science, Vancouver Art Gallery, and Vancouver Aquarium.

She currently experiments on deviantArt , mask and shell painting, and collecting artworks from the exquisite nature. Her photoart ‘’koireography’’ was exhibited in South Korea, with the theme ‘’VISIBLE POETRY CONNECTING THE WORLD". Her mentor in photography is her husband, Bryann, a freelance photographer and a professional teacher. As a science educator, she  has found   American Society for Rickettsiology- University of Montana, a research niche on biological safety.

Her prestigious poetic belts are Writers International Network-Canada ‘’Amazing Poet 2015’’, The Frang Bardhi Literary Prize 2014 (Albania), the sair-gazeteci  or Poet Journalist Award 2014 (Tuzla, Istanbul, Turkey) and  World Poetry Empowered Poet 2013 (Vancouver, Canada), and World Poetry Canada Poet Piper 2012.

She also served as one of the juries of local and international writing competition like Commaful's Next Top Writer, Poets in Nigeria and more.

 Ceri to her friends, is a Chief Advisor to the President of the World Nations Writers' Union in Kazakhstan on Contemporary World Literature, Honorary Member of World Higher Literary Academic Council of World Nations’ Writers Union, featured member of Association of Women’s Rights and Development (AWID), Member of the Advisory Board of ATUNIS Galaktika Poetike, Asia Pacific Writers and Translators (APWT ), Axlepino and Anacbanua.

Her creative writings have been published in different anthologies and magazines worldwide. She is the Representative of Immagine & Poesia in Philippines.


Links to her works:




Poland: Mirek Antoniewicz, Wroclaw


Mirek Antoniewicz was born in 1954.

He lives and works in Wroclaw.


1980 - 1983 University Adam Mickiewicz, Poznan

1980 - 1985 University of Wroclaw

1994 - 1995 Graphic Practice on Academy of Fine Arts Wroclaw

He has been exhibiting since 1977 with solo and group shows both in Poland and abroad.


2009   Palm Art Award 2008, Certificates of Excellence, Germany

2008   Foundacion Exteril, 1st Prize, Grand Prize Contemporary Art, Porto, Portugalia

2007  European Masters of Modern Art, Honourable Mention, Burgau, Austria

2007   XIV International Events of Art, Museum Cerveira, Portugalia

2006  V Triennale Autoportretu, Nomination to Award, Radom, Poland

2005   6 Biennale Malych Form Malarskich, Award, Torun, Poland


Mirek Antoniewicz is the representative of Immagine & Poesia in Poland.





Poland: Krzysztof Ogonowski, Warsaw


Christopher Ogonowski [born in 81], studied contemporary poety in 1995-2001 under the supervision of a poet Karolina Turkiewicz-Suchanowska. He won numerous poetry contests. He also writes lyrics. He is the author of three books: 'po-kuszenie' ['tempt-ation'], 'parkur' [' freerunning'], 'trzynaście (na szczęście)' ['thirteen (for luck)]. He studied painting during his architecture studies, at the professor Jan Rilke's department in 2001-2005. He participated in many exhibitions. He received the first prize at the Biennale in Vladivostok [category: professional painting] - on October'13. He is the co-author of many architectural and landscape designs, e.g. in Berlin, Warsaw, Katowice, Żelazowa Wola [The Chopin Museum]. His works are inspired by the geometrical strings theory. They are sophisticated combination of architecture, poetry, painting, music and mathematics. He lives in Warsaw where following his architectural and financial education, he runs architecture and finance adviser office.




Manifesto for the book: Thirteen [for luck] by Krzysztof Ogonowski.



Together with: the crisis of faith, worldview and human relations, m-theory connected with theory of strings, global and commercial internet, mass devastation of natural environment, conflicts and nuclear threat, the biggest economic crisis and so on the world we know ended!
I have no willingness to live in this time and space, where there in no place for: proximity and faith, courage and honour- in the world where in the chronic sense of emptiness reigns. This is why I think that the duty of today’s art and science is tenewed redefinition of basic valnes in a manner that is comprehensible to everyone.
The key to the solution of Everything (reneved redefinition) is the geometrical theory of strings in its broadest dimension of m-theory. It is this theory that gives hope. The aim of redefinition is to create new space-time continuum, that is a new dimension of valnes, natural environment, economy, etc.
My attempt is: Thirteen – painting and texts. It is a definition of primitive notions, where each is potentially true and potentially false. The point of departure is: Plato’s solids (and others), curves, spheres-the aim, however, (not attainable at this stage) is the Calabi Yan’s manifold.



Portugal: Vitor Mohinos, Lisbon



Self-taught Artist

Born in Lisbon, Portugal

Painting course, in the city of Barreiro

Painting course Development/project-Centro de Artes Plásticas do Barreiro (Artesfera)

Portrait Painting Workshop in SNBA

Member of Artiset-Association of visual artists of Setúbal

AAAGP-Association of Friendship and Galician-Portuguese arts

Artistic and Cultural circle Artur Bual





-Author of "Arts & Crafts", organized annually by the Town Hall of the Clump.

-Author of postcards, book covers and illustrations for books of poetry, associativity and Biographies, some editions of the Town Hall of the Clump.

-Invited devise and perform wall panels, having as theme the history of various public bodies.


Represented in several private and institutional collections in the country and abroad.

In addition to painting, passing through poetry with poems published, amateur theatre, Director of several programs on a local radio, co-founder of a music group, author of lyrics, songs and musical arrangements.


Vitor Mohinos is the representative of Immagine & Poesia in Portugal.





Romania: Dan Brad, Brasov


DAN BRAD, was born in 1965 in Brasov, city of the Romanian province of Transylvania.
" Dan Brad is an Original artist of the moment, with an international activity and great success to public and art critics. His art works can be found in art galleries from USA and Europe, in the collections of several institutions and private collectors around the world. He creates in art the Realism of Conception, (2003), in a manner that brings a new dimension and ideological substance of representation to Abstract expressionism. The art lovers and collectors are in permanent contact with his artwork through: permanent exhibitions, artistic projects, personal and group exhibitions, since 1983. "
International Contemporary Artists, Vol. II, page 28
I.C.A.Publishing(2011), New York, U.S.A.

“ Working in his native Transylvanian region of Romania, painter Dan Brad explores colorful and dynamic Abstract expressionism. Occasionally, one of his paintings features a nearly figurative form, while the rest of the image booms with bright hues, energetic movements and strong forms. These abstractions are Brad's focus, as he crafts energy, flow and direction with a build-up of swooping shapes, lines and shades. Playing with this changing, shifting imagery, Brad gives his works titles that reflect their shapes but do not confine meaning.

His abstractions, despite their eclecticism, always organize themselves around shelters, structures and architectural shapes. In so doing, Brad invites us to engage the forms by interpreting and redefining them. Stylized roofs, caves, windows and doorways punctuate his fluid landscapes, but do not confine the viewer. With these spaces and refuges, Brad invites viewers into the works; he carves a space within his art from which we may look back out. Finally, he explores our sense of interiority by portraying his own.”
Agora Gallery, New York, U.S.A.
Press Release (2008)

Dan Brad is the representative of Immagine & Poesia in Romania.



Romania: Olimpia Iacob, Satu Mare



Olimpia Iacobis a retired Associate Professor in the Department of Modern Languages at “Vasile Goldiş” West University of Arad, Romania. She graduated from the Faculty of Letters of the “Al. I.Cuza” University (Iași), from which she earned a Ph.D. in 2000 with a dissertation entitled The Translation Theory Applied to the Poetry of Nichita Stănescu. Iacob’s interests include poetics and translation, linguistics, stylistics, and translation studies. Recently she has become a member of the Writers’ Union of Romania. Her book-length translations include works in prose and poetry by Cassian Maria Spiridon, Gabriel Stănescu, Gheorghe Grigurcu, Petre Got, Mircea Petean, and Magdalena Dorina Suciu, as well as George Vulturescu’s Nord și dincolo de Nord / The North and Beyond the North.

Olimpia Iacob is one of the representatives of Immagine & Poesia in Romania. 





Russia:  Alexander Kabishev, St. Petersburg


 Alexander Konstantinovich  Kabishev (K.A.K.) is an engineer, a graduate of the D.F. Ustinov Military Technical University, a poet and writer, and an artist.

Member of the Russian Union of Writers. Co-author of many collections, and publications in magazines and online media. A number of his works have been translated and published in Spanish, Arabic, English, Italian and Bengali.

He is the founder and head of the international creative and cultural project DEMO GOG, editor-in-chief of the student magazine HUMANITY, author of the collection of short stories NIGHTMARE, the collection of poems DANCE OF POETRY, the novel RED CORAL. Curator and organizer of the collections of modern prose and poetry SILICON AGE (2 volumes) and WHISPER IN THE WIND. Director of the documentary film ECLF.



Serbia: Ana StjeljaBelgrade 


Ana Stjelja (1982, Belgrade, Serbia). In 2012 she obtained her PhD (on the life and work of the Serbian woman writer Jelena J. Dimitrijević).

She is a poet, writer, translator, journalist, researcher and editor. She published more than 30 books of different literary genres. She is published in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Slovenian, Farsi, Chinese, Arabic, Azerbaijani and Greek.

The Editor-in-chief of the Alia Mundi magazine for cultural diversity, online literary magazine Enheduana and Poetryzine, an online magazine for poetry in English. In 2018 she established the Association Alia Mundi for promoting cultural diversity. She is also a regular collaborator of The Poet Magazine from England, conducting interviews with contemporary world poets.


She is a member of the Association of Writers of Serbia, the Association of Literary Translators of Serbia, the Association of Journalists of Serbia and the International Federation of Journalists (IFJ).



Serbia: Milica Jeftimijević Lilić, Belgrade 


Milica Jeftimijević Lilić was born at Lovac near Banjska, Kosovo & Metohija, on August 28, 1953. She graduated at the Faculty of Philosophy in Priština, and won a master’s degree in philological sciences at the University of Belgrade. She was a professor at the University of Priština, and editor on Belgrade TV. She has published the following collections of poems: Dark, Salvation (1955), The Hibernation (1998), The Travelogue of the Skin (2003), and a collection of stories The Subject-matter of the Case (2002). She has also published books of criticism: Poetics of the Premonition (2004), The Epsistomlogical Illuminations (2007), Critical Roots and Ranges (2011),The Exactness of the Secret (2012)…Partenon buildings of stars, (poetry) ,Arka Smederevo , Stari Kolašin, Zbin Potok, 2015, The letters to Ulysess (poetry), 2017, Alma,Belgrade, An unexpected encounter, Centre of culture, Raška / Zadužbina Vladete Jerotića, 2017, Hidde on the shine of eyes, (stories), 2019, BKC, Novo Miloševo, KRK, Vest Čester, SAD, About Kosovo, again, ( and other poems), Prishtina, Jedinstvo, 2019. She also writes stories for children which have been published in Children’s Papers, Jedinstvo, and other newspapers. She is represented in many anthologies and has many literary awards of national importance as international…Her poems and pieces of criticism have been translated into Russian, English, Italian, German, French, Hungarian,Macedonian, Turkish, Swedish, Polish and Arabic….more than 28 lenguages of world. She was vice President of the Association of writers of Serbia, a member of literary society of writers of Kosovo and Metohija and a member of the Association of Journalists of Serbia. She lives in Belgrade since 1999.


Singapore: Gloria Keh



Gloria Keh, an artist based in Singapore, is very passionate about raising funds for charities through her art. Drawing her inspiration from Mother Nature, literature and poetry, Gloria finds freedom, contentment and inner peace through her art. Painting is a spiritual practice for Gloria, who particularly enjoys art journaling and creating mandalas.


She was born in the Chinese astrological year of the dragon, the year being 1952. Her first teacher, was her late father, the oil painter, Martin Fu. Growing up with the smell of turpentine, Gloria began selling her artworks as a child, to supplement her pocket money. As an adult, she studied mandala art and symbolism in Melbourne, Australia, and undertook a short course in art therapy in Singapore.


In 2008, Gloria founded Circles of Love, an art based, non-profit charity outreach programme, using her art in the service to humanity. She has participated in many exhibitions and art fairs, both locally, as well as internationally (please see list of exhibitions). Her first overseas solo exhibition was held in Vienna, Austria, in January/February 2018, at the Gallery Steiner. In April 2018, her works will be exhibited at the New York Art Expo, with the Gallery Steiner.


Her works are acquired by collectors in Singapore, Malaysia, India, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Italy, Russia and the USA.


A member of the International Culture & Arts Federation (ICAF), Gloria was awarded the Andrea Mantegna International Prize Award in 2017, in conjunction with the Mantova Biennale of Contemporary Art, in Mantova, Italy.



For the next few years, she hopes to be able to take up art residencies, offering workshops for healing, through mandala art and art journaling. She also hopes to have another solo exhibition on just her larger canvases.


For the list of exhinitions and awards please see:


Gloria Keh is the representative of Immagine & Poesia in Singapore.

Slovakia: Alexander Varšík, Prešov


"I was born in 1962.
I finished secondary art school in Košice.
I have had several group and solo exhibitions.

In the beginning of my painting career, I went through several painting styles.
I toyed with  surrealism and abstraction. Finally, I was
captivated by  op-art. In displaying op-art I find myself in two positions.
One is a purely geometric displaying of linear structures, while in the second such structures emerge in nature and create a contrast of worlds.

Is it a game, or a vision of the future?

I love nature and I often wander on my bike. I recharge my energy there."


Alexander Varšík is the representative of Immagine & Poesia in Slovakia.





South Korea: Jongo Park, Seoul


Born 1963. 
Self-taught artist.
Most of his works are watercolor and pencil, pen and tiny size.

His works have been exhibited in South Korea, Uruguay and Italy.

Jongo Park is the representative of Immagine & Poesia in South Korea.






Sweden: Mats Eriksson, Stockholm


Mats Eriksson lives in the south of Stockholm in Sweden. Mats has been painting, using various media, on and off for many years now. He used to work as a researcher in chemistry but started to paint more on a daily basis about 6 yrs ago. His preferred media is acrylics and has the last year mostly been painting nudes and portraits, but also some still lifes and landscapes. He is fascinated by how colors affect each other and by light-effects, and is often experimenting with this in his paintings.

His paintings have been shown in exhibitions in Sweden since 2005.

He is the representative of Immagine & Poesia in Sweden.





Switzerland: Lucilla Trapazzo


Lucilla Trapazzo, is an Italian poet living in Zurich, Switzerland.

After a degree in German Literature (Rome, Italy), a MA in Film &Video (Washington, D.C.), and continuous theatrical and artistic training, she collaborates with art, contemporary music, and literature association in the organization of events and festivals. She was editor of the cinema section of the magazine AidaNews (Geneva).

Her activities range among poetry, theater/performance, installations, translations, and literary critiques. In her works she longs for a synthesis of the different artistic languages. Her poems have ben published in International anthologies and literary magazines, and awarded numerous prizes. Guest of International Festivals in Macedonia, Tunisia, Albania, Serbia, her works of art are shown at International exhibitions and festivals in UK, USA, France, Italy, Belgium, Netherlands, and South America. Lucilla Trapazzo is the Representative of Immagine & Poesia in Switzerland


Syria: Shurouk Hammoud, Damascus


Shurouk Hammoud  born in 1982 is a Syrian poetess, literary translator, BA of arts graduate and a master degree graduate of text translation, Damascus University.

She has three published poetry collections in Arabic language and one published poetry collection in English titled: (the night papers), in addition; excerpts of her poetry that have been published in many poetry anthologies in France, Serbia, Netherlands and India,

A member of Palestinian writers and journalists union.

An honorary member at NAJI Naaman international library of honorary culture.

Award winner of many local and international poetry awards 

Her poetry has been translated into French, Finnish, Mandarin, German, Italian and English.





Syria: ILham Badreddine Mahfouz, Damascus


Arab-American Artist ILham Badreddine Mahfouz was born in Damascus, Syria. She came to the United States in 1972 and had the privilege of having the best of two cultures and the adventures of a new world guided by the upbringing of an old world. 

She studied the art of Raku with Mr. Robert Piepenberg, ceramics with Mrs. Suzanne Stephenson, and painting with Mr. Barry Avedan. 

ILham Badreddine Mahfouz was influenced by their abstract art, where the direction of a simple line and colors could dictate the mood of a painting. By improvising and directing the art work it helped to make the painting strong.

Her works have been shown in several international exhibitions.

She is the representative of Immagine & Poesia for Syria.



''Art is a universal language. I hope that through my art I will be able to convey my true beliefs about humanity and help one another.''





Taiwan: Tzemin Ition Tsai 

蔡澤民 - Taiwan



Tzemin Ition Tsai   蔡澤民   was born in 1957 in Taiwan. He holds a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering and a Master of Science in Applied Mathematics. He has equal affections in science, mathematics and literature. The results are all reflected in academic and creative published simultaneously.

Associate Professor for Asia University, Taiwan and a columnist of several poetry journals,  editor of "Reading, Writing and Teaching" academic text of the National Changhua Normal University, Taiwan, director of Writers' Capital International Foundation, Director of Soflay International Asia, Member of Board of " Pjetër Bogdani" International Writers' Association, and English writer of BABELMATRIX International Multilingual Literature Portal.


His literary works include novels, prose, and poems.  He loves describing nature, humanity's love and affection through literary works. He is often referred to as "a green poet". In addition to access to many domestic and foreign literature awards, a large number of his works have been published in domestic and foreign literature publications and been translated into more than 14 languages and had been published in over 38 countries. 

Tzemin Ition Tsai   蔡澤民 is the representative of Immagine & Poesia in Taiwan.


Important winning records within three years:

2014, “ The 2nd National Gene Wide-angle Mirror Contest ” Gold Award (Taiwan, R. O. C.)

2015, "The 3rd National Gene Wide-angle Mirror Contest" Bronze Award (Taiwan, R. O. C.)

2015, Changhua Provincial Bureau of Culture, "The 23-year Huangsi Literature, Changhua County Writers Award (Long novel) " (Taiwan, R. O. C.)

2015, "The 38th China Times Newspaper Award" The Essay Award (Taiwan, R. O. C.)

2015, National Hakka Committee "Tong Flower Award" Excellent Work of Prose (Taiwan, R. O. C.)

2016, Yunnan Provincial Bureau of Culture "The 12th Culture and Art Award" Excellent Work of Short Novel (Taiwan, R. O. C.)


2016, International Writers Association "The 2016 BOGDANI International Award for Outstanding Poets" (Belgium and Kosovo)



 Thailand: Jacky Phaengtho, Hua Hin


Born in 1977 in the North-East of Thailand, Jacky Phaengtho realized his artistic ability at an early age. He loved to draw and see the world with an artist’s eye. He was captivated by Nature and the fact that it surrounded him in during his early years, it seemed only natural for him to focus on capturing its beauty and wonder. It was not until he reached the age of fifteen that he began to develop his own unique style, moving on to more contemporary themes as he grew into a fine painter.


At seventeen, while working in Singapore for several years, Jacky became friends with several local artists there. He began to realize that art had become a major part of his life and that he only felt a complete person when he was depicting how he felt inside or what impressed him most in life. When he returned to Bangkok, he worked with other art students by joining several Thai and international artists. He helped many to exhibit their art work, because they either lacked the wherewithal or the skills necessary to create their own shows. He soon came to appreciate the other side of art, which was marketing and he understood that “You must show your art to others”, so they can provide feed-back, support and admiration for having soul and for being part of the special one-percent of professional career artists.


So now it is time to show the world his paintings - oil paintings that are bursting with vibrant color. The varieties of his subject matter are a fresh look at the world through young eyes that are clearly open. Jacky worked all through his twenties to become the artist he is today.


For three years now, he has displayed his work at The Art Jacky Gallery on Soi 80 in Hua Hin, Thailand and before that in Bangkok.  Here you can see his various works of art displayed, together with the works of a few other local artists. Jacky Phaengtho has developed into a truly fine artist and contributes to a sense of art awareness in the community.  

He is the representative of Immagine & Poesia in Thailand.









Tunisia: Aicha Skandrani, La Marsa


Born under the skies where the secrets of light are indefinable, Aicha Skandrani acknowledges her gratitude to her native country, Tunisia, as it is the love of light that flows through her veins – light both physical and spiritual.

She moved  from La Marsa to Los Angeles, where she had the good fortune to experience a blessed artistic milieu under the skies of California, where she spent over two years at Santa Monica College . This was followed by a stay in France – first in the southern French city of Toulouse (“la ville rose”), then in Paris, where she joined a cultural and artistic milieu thanks to the IESA.

It was during her studies at IESA that she discovered the light and colors of Italy – mainly in cities like Verona and Venice, where she captured optical effects at high speed with her camera. In this way she began developing an art, through photography of the visible, that enabled one to see images invisible to the naked eye.

At age 17, something happened that had a major impact on her life and on her consciousness. She came to be aware that there are real things invisible to the naked eye, and that the ability to see beyond the visible is not given to everyone. Drawn to this invisible world, she wanted to share her vision through the medium of photography as her art was taking on another dimension.  

“My photographs are open to various interpretations, which have as their basis tolerance and acceptance of cultural diversity. The main purpose consists in opposing religious extremism, by way of multiple symbols, letters and icons that for millennia have belonged to different cultures as well as our universal culture… I am focusing on the spiritual side of art for the purpose of awakening an awareness of my work that asks that we consider how could we really be different if we all see the same light!”

Aicha Skandrani is the representative of Immagine & Poesia in France and in Tunisia.











Turkey: Yesim Agaoglu, Istanbul

Yesim Agaoglu was born in Istanbul. She took her undergraduate degree from Istanbul University in Art History and Archaeology, then a Master’s in Radio, TV and Cinema. Her poems have appeared in various anthologies, and her published books of poetry have been translated into many languages. She frequently participates in international literary and poetry festivals, as well as gaining recognition internationally as a contemporary artist. 

She is the representative of Immagine & Poesia in Turkey.



Uganda: Eria Solomon Nsubuga, Entebbe



Artwasane really means the art of 'Sane' in a local Ugandan language, Luganda.

SANE is the art name of prominent Ugandan arist Eria Solomon Nsubuga.

Nsubuga was born 17th January 1979 in Central Uganda to Uganda parents of different but similar Bantu tribes.

Sane is mostly a painter, sculptor and teacher.He went to Makerere University's art school, The Margaret Trowell School of Industrial and Fine Art in 1998 and got a first class degree in Industrial and Fine Arts. He also attained a Master of Art in Fine Art (Sculpture) in the same institution in 2008. He currents practices art privately under the studio name; Pelepele Art Studio, and also teaches Sculpture and Painting part time at Nkumba University's Art School; the School of Commercial/ Industrial Art and Design.


•2001-2004(Graduated 2008) Master of Arts in Fine Art (Sculpture),Margaret Trowell School of Industrial and Fine Arts, Makerere University, Kampala, Uganda •1998-2001 Bachelor of Industrial and Fine Arts (1st Class Honours), Margaret Trowell School of Industrial and Fine Arts, Makerere University, Kampala •1992-1998 UCE (O’ Level) and UACE (A’ Level), King’s College Budo, Mpigi, Uganda •1985-86, 1988-91 PLE (Primary 1-2, 4-7), Lake Victoria Primary School, Entebbe, Uganda •1987 Primary 3, Budo Junior School, Mpigi, Uganda •1983-84 Kindergarten, Entebbe Kindergarten, Entebbe, Uganda

His works have been shown in solo and group exhibitions since 2001.

He is the representative of Immagine & Poesia in Uganda.









U.K. : Peter Thabit Jones, Swansea, Wales


Peter Thabit Jones, author of ten books of poetry and a book of stories, is founder-editor of The Seventh Quarry Swansea Poetry Magazine and The Seventh Quarry Publishing Press. With Aeronwy Thomas, Peter co-authored the first-ever Dylan Thomas Walking Tour of Greenwich Village, commissioned by the Wales International Center in New York.  The Tour is now offered weekly by New York Fun Tours. Peter’s poetry has been translated into twenty languages, and he has been visiting poet to Romania and Serbia.  He has toured America four times, once with Aeronwy Thomas in the Dylan Thomas Tribute Tour 2008, organised by Stanley H. Barkan, his American publisher.

Peter Thabit Jones is one of the representatives of Immagine & Poesia in the U.K.




United Arab Emirates / Pakistan: Sheikha A., Karachi, Pakistan


Sheikha A. (b1982) is from Pakistan and United Arab Emirates. She was born in Hyderabad (Sindh), raised in Sharjah, UAE and is currently living in Karachi, Pakistan. With a bachelors in Business Administration (BBA), she has worked in administrative capacities in an engineering company and a Convent school. After leaving work to take a break, she used the time at hand to pursue writing, with main focus on poetry. In the past five years of actively pursuing publishing of her work, she has been fortunate to find a variety of literary homes for her works, both print and online, including several anthologies by different presses. Recent publications have been Pedestal Magazine, Vita Brevis, Danse Macabre, Atlantean Publishing, Strange Horizons, Nadwah, Alien Buddha Press and elsewhere. She has been anthologised in several projects, some to mention such as The Nancy Drew Anthology, The Great Gatsby Anthology and Bukowski Anthology by Silver Birch Press alongside Narwhal's Lament - an environmental anthology by Madness Muse Press and Epiphanies and Late Realizations of Love anthology by Transcendent Zero Press that has been nominated for a Pulitzer. Spanish translations of her poems have appeared in Revista Azahar, a magazine published out of Spain, and Desde Isla Negra al Oriente, an anthology published out of Chile. So far she has published one digital chapbook, a collaborative digital project entitled 'Nyctophiliac Confessions' available through Praxis Magazine. Her poetry has been translated into Spanish, Greek, Arabic, Italian and Persian.

Sheikha A. is the Representative of Immagine & Poesia for the UAE and Pakistan.

More about her works can be found at




U.S.A.  :  Adel Gorgy, Long Island, New York


Adel Gorgy’s contemporary photographic images are large, complex works woven into harmonious compositions that have been exhibited both in the United States and internationally in museums and galleries.


Photography has been part of him all his life.  “It is my way to sharpen observation, bring vision to a focus, provoke thought and evoke emotion,” he says, “my way of heightening awareness and overcoming the apathy resulting from the comfort of the usual and ordinary.”


In his long artistic journey, his photographs, whether representational, conceptual or abstract, often blur the boundaries of photography, transcending the limitations of realism, venturing into territories once limited to the art of painting, drawing or even sculpture.


Adel Gorgy’s photographs have also been published widely throughout the United States.  In 2009, he became an honorary member and US representative of Immagine & Poesia.






U.S.A.: Stanley H. Barkan, New York 




Stanley H. Barkan, born in Brooklyn in 1936, is the editor/publisher of the Cross-Cultural Review Series of World Literature and Art in Sound, Print, and Motion.

For the past 40 years, he has directed the International Literary Arts Festival, which, from 1990-91, included (with David Curzon) the Reading Series at the United Nations in New York City, where he featured such literary luminaries as Isaac Asimov and Allen Ginsberg.

He is the author of 15 poetry books, including The Blacklines Scrawl (1976, 2004), O Jerusalem (with photographs by Ron Agam, 1996), presented by Mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani at the Tweed Gallery at City Hall, “in celebration of the 3000th anniversary of Jerusalem,” Mishpocheh (with paintings by Bebe Barkan, 2004), and his poems have been translated into 25 languages.

In May 2006, Barkan was invited, under the aegis of The Seventh Quarry, edited by Peter Thabit Jones, to be the first solo featured poet at the Dylan Thomas Centre in Swansea, Wales.

He was the organizer with Peter Thabit Jones of the first International Poetry Festival in Swansea, Wales, June 15–19, 2011.

Since 2010 Stanley H. Barkan has become US representative of Immagine & Poesia.







U.S.A. : Mia Barkan Clarke, New York


Mia Barkan Clarke is an Artist, Art Therapist, Poet and Author of Tea with Nanapaintings and poems and My Sacred Circle Mandala Journal: A Creative Workbook for Self-Discovery & Exploration, residing on Long Island, NY, with her husband and two daughters.  She holds a Master of Arts in Creative Arts Therapy from Hofstra University, a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Fabric Styling, and an Associated Degree in Textile/Surface Design, specializing in Woven Design from Fashion Institute of Technology (NYC).  Mia is multilingual (Italian, French, and Hebrew) and her poetry and art have been published in RattlePLR (Paterson Literary Review)LIPS (USA); The Seventh Quarry (Wales), Convorbiri Literare, CitadelaPoezia (Romania); Korean Expatriate Literature; Poetry Monthly International (UK); and by Cross-Cultural Communications, among others. Her paintings have been exhibited at a number of galleries, including The Paterson Museum in Paterson, NJ, and the Stage Gallery in Merrick, NY.  Mia practices and lectures about Art Therapy throughout NewYork State.

Mia Barkan Clarke has become representative of Immagine & Poesia in the U.S.A. since 2012.


U.S.A.: Carolyn Mary Kleefeld, Big Sur, California



Carolyn Mary Kleefeld, an American poet, author and visual artist, was born in Catford England and grew up in southern California, where she studied art and psychology at UCLA.  She now lives in Big Sur, California, where she studies, writes, and paints amidst the surrounding wilderness. Her 11 books have been used as inspirational texts in universities and healing centers, and her writings have been translated into Korean, Romanian, Arabic, and Bulgarian. Her two latest books, Soul Seeds: Revelations and Drawings, and Vagabond Dawns are currently being translated into Korean and will be published in 2012 in bilingual editions. Psyche of Mirrors: A Promenade of Portraits, a collection of fables, essays, poetry, and full-color artwork, will be published in early spring, 2012. Kleefeld’s art appears worldwide in galleries, museums and private collections, and was recently featured in a twenty-five year retrospective at the Frederick R Weisman Museum of Art at Pepperdine University.

Since 2011 Kleefeld has been an Honorary  Member of Immagine & Poesia and she is the representative of the Movement in California.





UzbekistanAsror Allayarov  




Asror Allayarov is a young journalist in Uzbekistan. He is currently editor-in-chief in Karshi for a newspaper named Eastern World. He has won local and international writing awards, including The Golden Pen prize in 2007 from the Kashkadarya newspaper, organized by the Uzbekistan Journalists Union. He won first place in the Youth Life in Media competition, and his poems and stories were published in the Kafla Intercontinental magazine in India. He also edited Uzbek Writer’s Anthology, published in India in 2013. He is the representative of IMMAGINE & POESIA in Uzbekistan.


UzbekistanKhosiyat Rustam 


Khosiyat Rustam was born  in Uzbekistan. She studied at the Journalism Faculty of the National University of Uzbekistan and at the University of Higher Literature.

She has been serving as editor-in-chief of the World of the Book newspaper since 2015. 

Her books have been translated in different languages and published in Uzbekistan and abroad.


She was awarded with the 'Shukhrat' ('Fame') medal by the first president of Uzbekistan Islom Karimov and is a member of the Writers Union of Uzbekistan. Awarded with the international award of Azerbaijan named after Mikail Mushfeek in 2015. She was a winner in the international poetry festival in Thailand in 2018 for her creativity.

In 2019 she was awarded the state "Golden Pen".

She has also been a member of Writers Union of Azerbaijan. 

Khosiyat Rustam is one of the Representatives of Immagine & Poesia in Uzbekistan.




Venezuela: Mariela Cordero


Mariela Cordero (1985), Venezuela,is a lawyer, poet, writer,translator and visual artist. She has won some literary awards:Third Prize of Poetry Alejandra Pizarnik Argentina (2014). First Prize at the Second Ibero-American Poetry Contest Euler Granda, Ecuador (2015). Second Prize of Poetry Concorso Letterario Internazionale Bilingüe Tracceperlameta Edizioni, Italy (2015) Micropoemas Prize in Spanish of the III contest TRANSPalabr @RTE 2015, Spain. First Place in International Poetry Contest  Hispanic Poets mention of literary quality, Spain 2016. Honorable Mention in the Guido Gozzano Literary Prize Italy (2018) Her poems have been published in various anthologies and literary magazines and have been translated into english,shone, french, serbian, arabic, uzbek, russian and macedonian. She has published the poetry books The Body of doubt (2013) and The identical fire (2015).

Mariela Cordero is the Represantive of Immagine & Poesia in Venezuela.



VietnamĐặng Thân , Hanoi


Đặng Thân is a bilingual poet, fiction writer and essayist, based in Vietnam. There he is regarded "the typical figure of Post-Doi Moi Literature", and considered "the best humourist ever" and even an "awesomely brilliant genius". Unfortunately, it was repeatedly said that leading governmental departments in Vietnam instructed the "state-controlled" literary circle that his works were "harmful". From 2008 up to 2011 and from 2014 up to present, all publishing houses there had not been allowed to print any book of his for no righteous reasons, and official state-run newspapers had been ordered to leave him in the dark.

Đặng Thân's officially-printed works in various genres have been widely recognised and created the utmost important turning-point in writing style of Vietnamese literature. He is the representative of a completely-new way of discourse with alternative lexical resources in preference of connotation rather than the commonly-old usage of denotation. He pioneers Vietnamese alliteration poetry and a new style named phac-nhien.


  Awards & Honours


2005: Award for Short Storyin "the Poetry & ShortStories Contest on the Deep Love for 1000-year-old Thang Long"

2017: Đặng Thân was invited as an international poet to Taipei Poetry Festival where he drew a large audience and evoked the media. The Taiwanese giant of contemporary literature, poet Xiang Yang wrote of Thân, "Đặng Thân is successful in using connotation and black humour language to deal with real problems. He's created his own poetic style named 'phạc-nhiên', and captured the musicality in a natural language that proves himself to be an unsurpassable talent."





2008 Ma Net (Cyber Ghost) short stories, Văn Học Publishers, Vietnam


2011 [những mảnh hồn trần] ( [Fragments of Earthly/Naked Souls])

hetero-novel, Hội Nhà Văn Publishers, Vietnam


2013 Dị-nghị-luận Đồng-chân-dung (Hetero-Reasonings & Homo-Portraits)

hetero-essays, Hội Nhà Văn Publishers, Vietnam


2014 Không Hay (No Sense)

poetry, Hội Nhà Văn Publishers, Vietnam


2019 OM [Other Moments]

poetry, Shabda Press, USA


Đặng Thân is one of the representatives of Immagine & Poesia in Vietnam.





Vietnam: Khế Iêm, Hanoi


Khế Iêm


(His true name: Lê Văn Đức). He was born in Lê xá, Vụ Bản, Nam Định, North Việt Nam, in 1946 (Birth Certificate shows 1947). Founder and editor in chief of Tạp Chí Thơ (Journal of Poetry from 1994 to 2004), Editor of online Journal for New Formalism Poetry Club,, since 2004. He has published Hột Huyết (Blood Seed) play, 1972, Thanh Xuân (Youth) poetry, 1992, Dấu Quê (Traces of the Homeland), poetry, 1996, Thời của Quá khứ (A Time Past), stories, 1996, Tân Hình Thức, Tứ Khúc Và Những Tiểu Luận Khác (New Formalism, four quartets, and other essays), 2003.

Khế Iêm is one of the representatives of Immagine & Poesia in Vietnam





Vietnam: Loi Duc Nguyen, Hanoi  

Full name : Loi Duc Nguyen

Born 1981

Studied at Hanoi College of Art

Lives / works - Saigon (HCMC) VIETNAM

Group and Solo Exhibitions since 2004 in Vietnam and abroad

Loi Duc Nguyen is one of the representatives of Immagine & Poesia in Vietnam.









Tendai Rinos Mwanaka  is a Zimbabwean publisher, editor, translator, mentor,

writer, visual artist and musical artist with close to 30 books published. He

writes in English and Shona. His work has appeared in over 400 journals and

anthologies from over 30 countries. Work has been translated into at least 10


He is one of the

Representatives of Immagine & Poesia in Zimbabwe.

 Zimbabwe: Tonely Ngwenya, Harare 



Tonely Ngwenya
11 October 1976

Painter/Graphic Designer
Fine Artist

Tonely Ngwenya, an artist who specializes in book design and painting, with his passion centered on painting.

"I studied painting, drawing, sculpture, photography and dry point printing for two years with the B.A.T School of art and graduated in the year 1996 with a certificate in Fine Arts. As I had always presented interest and a keen passion in my work, I managed to attract the interest of one of my teachers, Paul Wade, one of the most influential members at the B.A.T art school, who offered me employment in his Graphic Design Company. I was employed in this company until the year 2002 when I later on joined SARDC, where I am currently employed as the publications designer.

I use a palette knife instead of a paint brush and this has helped me produce unique paintings over the years. The palette knife gives my paintings a unique feature that is richly textured. My paintings are focused on rural and urban market scenes, focusing mainly on field workers. These paintings are produced with emotion to an extent that they are able to communicate different stories to different people.

An artist, poet, musician and designer, I am greatly inspired by music with the track “Going Home” by Kenny G being my favourite, which whenever I am painting, the atmosphere surrounding me is filled with emotion and creativity. I also find motivation from my friends and art lovers that comment on my work, and also give back to the community e.g (schools and colleges), what I learned during my college years.

I started exhibiting in 1997 and have since exhibited with the National Gallery of Zimbabwe, the Cotton Exhibition, Inner Space Gallery and Richard Rennie Gallery.

However, I am going through changes in my styles embarking on a journey of new heights in the world of art. I am breaking away from the thick-layered painting, to fresher, loose and colourful work. A trip to China in 2010, helped open closed doors of creativity and the environment indeed helped in the making and carving of my new style."  


Tonel Ngwenya is the representative of Immagine & Poesia in Zimbabwe.