"Why I Love High Heels" poem by MARIA MAZZIOTTI GILLAN, U.S.A. - "Golden Shores of Woman after Picasso" Fine Art Photo by ADEL GORGY, U.S.A.

(copyright Adel Gorgy)
(copyright Adel Gorgy)

Link: http://www.adelgorgy.com/


 Cross-Cultural Communications Art & Poetry Series





I love high heels because they’re sexy and elegant, especially on tall,

slender women with long, narrow feet and slender calves.


I love high heels on women who wear short skirts

and nylons, their beautiful legs and feet set off

by their high heels tip-tapping on marble floors.


I love high heels because I used to wear them

when I was young, we all did, and they added

three inches to my height.


I love high heels and would like to wear them again, but can’t. My feet

have widened considerably as has the rest of me, and I’ve grown into

my wide wide


sandals, flat-soled, of course, and would not try wearing high heels

for fear of breaking my neck.

Anyway my chances of looking sexy vanished twenty


years ago. When I broke my ankle, I hated wearing

a cast and using a walker and worst of all, having

to ask for help, and I won’t chance it again, though


I love high heels and in another life, I plan to be tall and slim with

narrow feet that never hurt and a closet full of high-heeled shoes and

short skirts


and the long legs to go with them.


—Maria Mazziotti Gillan


Link: http://www.mariagillan.com/


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    Stanley H. Barkan (lunedì, 11 giugno 2012 13:43)

    Maria's poetry is the real thing. No artifice, just
    how things were and are. The "high heel" imagery is
    an emblem of how she thinks and write--always self-deprecating and willing to take the reader on
    a memory journey the epiphany that goes with them.