"Broken Sapphics" poem by MOIRA EGAN, U.S.A. - Italy. Digital print by R. GOPAKUMAR, Bahrain

(copyright R. Gopakumar)
(copyright R. Gopakumar)

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Broken Sapphics

Incongruous nights, my horoscope tells 
me, dragonflies whir, iridescent. I would like
to catch one, tie it in your flagrant red hair,
     but I can’t right now.

Prayers ascend behind me, elaborate as
oratorios, a stained cathedral key.
I am blind and solid as malachite,
     these statues of saints.

On Broadway I saw a sun-white cow’s skull on
a Navajo blanket. Trying to make sense
of this, flotsam, jetsam of my unconscious,
     silver waves crashing,

the beer turns almost warm as blood in my hands.
I won’t look up when you leave / your cigarettes
here, a shadow. For them you return. We kiss
through a wrought-iron gate.

The one night in my house, our hair entangled,
anemones in flow and ebb, you felt my
pulse. Love, I thought; but your questions for me were
      merely metrical. 

O and how I am tired, a womanly tired
of all that I have tried, and truly, I look
to you, through you, for something, a heart that beats
     gentle as velvet. 


Moira Egan 


Link: http://moiraegan.com/


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