"Spirit Valley" poem by Katherine L. Gordon, Canada. "Katherine's Paradise" painting by by Helen Bar-Lev, Israel

(copyright Helen Bar - Lev)
(copyright Helen Bar - Lev)

Link: http://www.helenbarlev.com/




Spirit Valley


The knot-work parts

down this long leaf-lit lane

for friends who share a season’s walk.

Earth, roots, crowns of trees

the cliff-shale borders

become one shining sheath

wrapped in the electricity of change.

River-song calls at path’s end

laps them in water wisdom

of the flow of life and time,

sentinel old cabin empty of form

yet filled with moving shadows

waits moss-mute.

Feet leave no foot-prints

in the ancient valley

where only the walkers disappear

like bright leaves

into the welcoming earth.

A glimpse of beyond

mists the parting.


Katherine L. Gordon


Katherine L. Gordon is a rural Ontario poet enjoying

an international connection to contemporary poets

through her books, anthologies and reviews.


Link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Katherine_L._Gordon

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