"Circus Maestro" - "Closing down the Circus" painting and poem by Carolyn Mary Kleefeld, USA

(copyright Carolyn Mary Kleefeld)
(copyright Carolyn Mary Kleefeld)




I close down tonight’s circus.

It is not a success.

The players are weary

and the animals have run  away.

The hero has become the antagonist;

the heroine, a clown.

Storms have torn the tent

and the roof leeks.


It is time for the circus to move on.

I have no idea where it will go.

I just know it’s over for now.


I turn my back

on the broken violin,

the fallen trapeze,

the humiliation.


And gazing up at an overcast sky,

I remember to disengage

from the phenonema.




Carolyn Mary Kleefeld


Link: http://www.carolynmarykleefeld.com/


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