“THE BOOK” digital art by Gopakumar R. / poem by Anil Babu – India

“THE BOOK” digital art by Gopakumar R. / poem by Anil Babu – India


Title: The Book

Medium: Digital Art

Year: 2023


 R. Gopakumar is a contemporary multidisciplinary artist, curator, digital collector from India, known for his diverse range of artistic expressions such as Digital Art, Motion Photography, Installation, Drawing, Painting, and Print. He employs art and technology as a means to address and bring attention to environmental, social, political issues prevalent in society.

He believes that art should challenge and transform the existing visual, intellectual, and aesthetic norms, continuously experimenting with new visual phenomena.

His works have been showcased at renowned institutions and events worldwide, including The Saatchi Gallery in London, Tate Britain, the Kochi-Muziris Biennale in India, Sofia Underground in Bulgaria, CICA Museum in South Korea, and many more. Notably, his motion photography has received recognition by being shortlisted for the inaugural Motion Photography Prize by the Saatchi Gallery London and Google+.




The Book


My sky was about to burst

Without any reason.


When I open you

I hear the music of pure ink.


In the rhythm of raindrops falling

On the stretched and taut


I hear the deep breath of your words.


I know you are in me

As a deep sea in my heart.


When you parch

I let our parted letters fade

On the threshold of horizon.




Anil Babu's Malayalam Poem (Pustakam)



Translated by Aavani


 Anil Babu, a talented poet from Oachira, Kerala, India, possesses a diverse range of skills and experiences. He is not only a gifted poet, crafting beautiful verses that stir emotions, but also a captivating speaker who engages audiences with his powerful oratory. Additionally, Anil Babu is a dedicated librarian, committed to preserving knowledge and facilitating access to information.

Anil Babu's educational qualifications reflect his passion for literature and history. He has completed a Bachelor's degree in Library and Information Science (BLIC), showcasing his expertise in the field of library sciences. Furthermore, he has pursued his academic journey by obtaining two Master's degrees - one in Malayalam and another in History. This educational background highlights his in-depth knowledge of language, literature, and historical contexts.