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22. marzo 2017
Poème pour Camille Claudel Il y a toujours quelque chose d'absent qui me tourmente ― Camille Claudel (19 octobre 1943) Nuages denses corbeaux invisibles flottants dans le ciel de la Provence le vent s’enrage et ouvre des fissures bleues petite fille étonnée seule, tu écoutes la voix du silence et regardes les grandes flaques et l’argile brune cadeau précieux que la pluie de la nuit a apporté pour la dernière fois dans une lumière irréelle de cette boue des créatures étranges...
26. dicembre 2016
26. dicembre 2016
BIRD MITZVAH We rose unto the mountaintop, to the aerie of the birds, Tristram’s grackles, the black, orange-tipped, and brownish, wide-winged birds hovering over the sacred site, flocks swooping and dipping, whistling, cooing and cawing, settling here and there on the edge of the restored walls of ancient rocks. So curious at the boys with kipas, and girls with head cloths, gathered with and without prayer shawls, speaking in memory of the past, the 960 who chose death by suicide, rather...
03. novembre 2016
HIKING WITH PETER for Peter Thabit Jones, September 17, 2016 Boot-shod feet, born and bred south coast of Wales felt the pulse of Big Sur’s thumping shore, tapped its rhythms into poems, then leaped, with the help of an airplane, California to Colorado, where I met him and was glad he was properly shod to wind with me up among the sandstone fins south side of Mt. Sanitas, hiked and jogged by hundreds, but sure to be people-free I promised Peter on our descent north, then west, south, and east...
14. settembre 2016
16. maggio 2016
"Lawrence for Francesco: a dream", painting by Gianpiero Actis, Italy __________________________________________________
25. febbraio 2016
_______________________________________________________ Credit: Cross-Cultural Communications Art & Poetry Series Broadsides # 77
06. febbraio 2016 ____________________________________________________
06. febbraio 2016

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