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25. febbraio 2016
_______________________________________________________ Credit: Cross-Cultural Communications Art & Poetry Series Broadsides # 77
06. febbraio 2016 ____________________________________________________
06. febbraio 2016
06. febbraio 2016 _______________________________________________________
27. novembre 2015
a daily haiku or micro poem haiku by Lidia Chiarelli In slow light movements the wind touches bare branches: prelude of winter. November 26th, 2015 home | about | submit | poetry super highway @haikuniverse | haikuniverse on Facebook | ISSN: 2380-7113 Copyright © 2015 haikuniverse, Haiku copyright by author. All rights reserved.
19. febbraio 2015
("Alba sul Mare - Limoni", painting by Gianpiero Actis, Torino, Italy) _______________________________________________________ Credits: "LIMUNI" by Stanley H. Barkan (translation by Marco Scalabrino) is published in "RAISINS WITH ALMONDS - PASSULI CU MENNULI", LEGAS PUBLISHING - NY/ Ontario Canada - 2013 LIMUNI by Stanley H. Barkan “Pumadoru! Nèspuli! Limuni!” cries the Sicilian fruit vendor as he pulls his fruit-filled cart over the broken stones of the streets of Trapani. Aphrodite rises...
11. febbraio 2015
"Love Birds" painting by Lalit Jain India
05. dicembre 2014
Image-Poem by Priya Gopakumar, Bahrain / India
15. maggio 2012
"The Four Elements" - copyright ADEL GORGY, Long Island, N.Y. Link: _____________________________________________________ ‘Thalatta, Thalatta’ (The Sea! The Sea!) Waves roll in at my window. The sun sets: Silence. The sea is my mirror: My face is the ocean. Twilight descends: Great gulls are swooping. The storm is brewing: Turn, Tide, Turn The storm is abating: Small terns are soaring. Daylight approaches: The ocean is my face. My mirror is the sea: Silence. The...
06. ottobre 2011
“SONG OF THE THIRD WORLD BIRDS“ A cock cried out in my sleep somewhere in Middle America to awake the Middle Mind of America And the cock cried out to awake me to see a sea of birds flying over me across America And there were birds of every color black birds & brown birds & yellow birds & red birds from the lands of every liberation movement And all these birds circled the earth and flew over every great nation and over fortress America with its great eagle and its thunderbolts...